Sorry guys i've been a little off the pace. I've been hanging out with one girl regularly and hanging out with another to see where things go.

Went out with TJ and we sat in Maloneys waiting for something awesome to walk in. I have decided i'm only gaming the hottest girls. We waited a while and finally they showed up two fantastic chicks. Both solid HB8s.

They came in hugged some guys and disappeared, about 15 mins later I found them sitting in the corner virtually isolated. TJ and I went and sat in the both next to them conversated a bit and I turned and opened them.

I was kinda waiting on TJ to come in but he didn't so I just engaged both girls, got them playing games, teasing, and having a good time. TJ came over and I moved into Isolation with Traci. I ran my standard routines and teased her and she was showing interest but she still seemed distracted. As it turns out they were waiting for friends from another club and they were trying to figure out who was going where.

Also the girls were drinking water, the game has a bit more impact when the girl is relaxed. i've done this enough to know that this won't be going very far on this night and if I don't Number Close the circumstances with friends could snatch them away suddenly. I decided to number close and continue this seduction another day.

They showed up at Maloneys later in the night and hung out for a while but disappeared pretty suddenly. This one is going into setting up the D2 phase.

Traci, is sweet, sexy, and i'm looking forward to getting to know her better, much, much better.