I think that emotional strength is the heart of good pick-up.

There was this girl I was sort of seeing - best decribed as friends with benefits I guess. However, I always felt she was a little stroppy. I'm no pushover, so girls with a little sass I'll tolerate, but too much sass and I'll cut 'em out.

Now this particular girl works with me. I gamed her at our year end party last year and we've been on and off since then. The irks started last week. I was at a bachelors but she promised to meet up. When I texted she said she was drunk and was going home (strike 1).

Tuesday we met for drinks, but her text said can only make a "quick" drink (strike 2), although we ended up drinking for a few hours.

Made plans to see each other Sat night. I arrived and called her, but she said she was about 10 minutes away and that I should wait. She was expecting me so I expected her to be home (strike 3).

So I left.

Got a text about half hour later: where you?

Text back: Wasn't too keen on waiting. Out partying.

Got 3 numbers Sat night. 1 flaked, 2 dates Wed, thurs this week.

Brothers, have emotional strength. Cut your losses short and let your profits run.