Been talking to this girl about a week or so. Friday night her and her friend met me at my place so we could go walk and hit the bars. I had my favorite PUA buddy there to handle the friend. The girls were both being cool we were having a great time all night! The friend was flirting with my buddy all night, hard, but kept mentioning her man so it was whatever. I knew I already have it with the girl I was dealing with so I just pretty much played it cool all night. So we caught a cab back to my place at the end of the night becaus we had rnded up walking pretty far throughout the evening. The girls started to seem pretty dunk on the cab ride. We all agreed to go back up to my condo for a drink anyways though.
This is when it turned south. The friend made it clear she wasn't going to let anything happen with my buddy, So he took off. And then she started saying she had to go home to her dogs or some sh1t. My chick wanted to stay but she was like affraid to seem slutty in front of her friend I think. So me and the friend start talking and I'm like "just sleep on my couch you shouldn't drive drunk" I get her blanket and pillow and it looks like this is gonna work! Meanwhile my chick has quietly snuck off to my room and crawled under my covers and everything! It was all good! So I get it all situated , I go in my room get in the bed (still with pants on) we're making out its good. All the sudden the friend busts in and is like "We gotta go!" I'm like WTF? This monster literally drags my chick out of my bed by her arm and it was just all regular drunk girl BS after that. I called these girls a cab and said "see ya!"... 'Hard C-block!!!' Lol
But there is a happy ending! Saturday I ws just gonna stay at home and chill. The girl texted and asked if she could come watch a movie with me "without her friend". So she came over we chilled and everything worked out like pro status!