Sunday, Feb 19th - Monday Feb 20th, 2012

This is my first public field report. I'm open to critique on both the content & the presentation. Lay into me, homies.

I feel like TD right now, writing this on 0 hours of sleep. I've been awake for I think around 2 days now. This is partially due to choice and partially due to the fact that I'm homeless and living out of my car (not comfortable). I haven't showered in 2 or 3 days and I've even been wearing the same clothes. From a traditional dating frame, pretty much everything about me this weekend screams "deal breaker". And, while I like to think that my reality is strong, I arrive for the last day of bootcamp with excuses in my head and reasons why I won't pull, why I shouldn't even open.

Before going out for some day game at H&H, Vince performs hypnosis on us as a group. This was the first time I've had an experience like this, and it was fucking crazy. I plan on learning out a lot more about hypnosis and NLP as vehicles for self-improvement. Anyways, Vince brings us back-to, and I'm suddenly feeling on fire, ready to go infield and fuck shit up. We pile into the cars and dip out.

As soon as I get to H&H, I regress back into total chode mode. I think that this is because I was making an intentional effort to game in a lethargic state, as opposed to my usual method of getting "In State", as per Speer's recommendation. I've never done this before, and it took several approaches to commit to what I was doing and get my calibration straight. Finally, I started to hook sets, and let them go, then hook sets and Number Close, and eventually hook sets and kiss close. Ironically, this shit actually got me into state. I was so excited because of my paradigm-shift realization: You DON'T need to be the most energetic guy around in order to attract women. In fact, I actually found that my low-key, tired approaches often had a more powerful effect in hooking. It's just totally fucking genuine and that rocks her world.

One notable girl that I # closed during day game (She'll come up again later around 6:00 AM). I saw this girl (We'll call her Hard Rocker) sitting outside the American Eagle on Hollywood Boulevard, texting on her iPhone and smoking a cigarette. I opened like "I can tell you're busy texting, but I just had to come say hi because I thought you were super cute". It opened like butter and I sat down and engaged her in conversation. It was pretty balanced conversation; I'm starting to get the hang of leaning back and letting the woman invest. I also find that I don't really look for IOI's anymore or try to "ping" off of the girl, I just do my thing and let the chips fall, boi! ANYWAYS, turns out she's working at the AM Eagle, and is out on a smoke break. I number close her and she tells me to meet her at the hard rock later. I tell her I will, but in my head I'm like FUCK no, I want to sleep (which, as you'll see, doesn't end up happening. Still awake right now, 24 hours later) because I was dead tired. She goes back to work and we dip out.

8 PM

Debriefing at the house. I'm ready to go “home” (Subaru Forester, 2006) and sleep. On my way out, I open Ace with Who Lies More (I kid, I kid!) and asked him what day he wanted to get out this week. He's all like, lets get out TONIGHT. I'm feeling sleepy, but I am on a fucking MISSION to get my game ON LOCK and become an approach coach and eventually a trainer as soon as possible. All or nothing. So I tell him I'm in. Josiah, a dope dude from Vegas (also training to become a coach) decides to join us.
Long story short, we hit up the Roosevelt and close some numbers. Some of the sets were goofy as fuck. I always love the sets where you and your wing just leave the set busting out laughing.

We decide not to try to pull from the Roosevelt; I have two girls coming over to Project Hollywood later (a day-2 that I met at The Darkroom on Melrose, and her friend who I haven't met) so I figure I can f-close on my day-2 and Josiah can pull the friend. While we're headed back to the crib, I start texting with Hard Rocker from H&H.

Me and Josiah in the car:

Me: Dude... I don't really give a fuck what happens tonight... this Hard Rocker chick wants to come over. Should we try and close all three of them together, and risk fucking it all up?

Jossiah: Your call dude. It's your girls. I really don't care.

Me: Fuck it, go hard or go home, lets do this shit.

So I invite hard rocker too. Me and Josiah meet up with my day two (I call her Ke$ha) and her friend outside Project Hollywood and walk down to Mel's together, where my homeless, broke self mooches off of all parties (mad props to Josiah for letting me crash in his room. If you're reading this, Josiah, I love you).

Hard Rocker texts me and is all like “I have work at 8, I'm just going to sleep. Let's hang out tomorrow!” I ignore.

We pull back to the crib, take em outside (“you gotta check out the view! Here's where Mystery used to pitch his tent.”) and split up. I have to deal with a bit of LMR (very minimal shit tests to see if I flipped a bitch, which apparently I didn't) and before I know it me and my chica are doing the nasty in the bathroom.

When we get done, all four of us go for a smoke on the porch, and the ladies leave. It's probably between 4 - 5 AM at this point, so Josiah beds down. He's got the long drive back to Vegas in the morning.

I have work in the morning too, at 9. I'm in film. I'm decide to drive to the location that we'll be shooting at and sleep there, so I can just pop out of my car and get to work in the morning. But I can't fall asleep, so I start texting Hard Rocker. I invite myself over to her place, and ask her what her address is. She's like “It would be very disrespectful to my mother to disregard the advice she gave me about strangers. I only met you like 9 hours ago! Your persistence is cute though :P” or some such bullshit. I call her, and talk to her about a whole bunch of random shit. I free-style some funny stories to build comfort and whatnot. After about 4 – 5 minutes of this, she straight up volunteers her address and tells me to come over for coffee. I'm like, this shit is too easy.

When I get there, it is not at all what I expected. The vibe I got from her was that she wanted to mess around. When I showed up (at around 6), her room mates we're sleeping in the other room. I think that I should have just continued as I normally would have in any other pickup, relocating her and physically escalating, but something about the surprise over the fact that she had roommates (it seemed to me that she lived alone) threw me off and I had trouble recovering. We hung out for 2 hours or so, with super minor (mostly playful) physicality, and then she went to her job and I went to mine. In retrospect, I should have escalated harder, should have bounced her around the apptmnt complex more, etc.

The biggest lessons I learned from this day of gaming:
1. There is never an excuse not to pull. You can be smelly, dirty, homeless, and sleep deprived and still pull. No excuses.
2. It is not necessary to be “in state”. Just be congruent with what you are feeling at the time, and pull them into your world. Relate to them as a human who has a vast range of emotions, rather than just a state robot.
3. Throw yourself into set. Fuck it up. It does not matter.
4. Logistics of a pull are super important, especially when living in a house with multiple people (many of which are simultaneous pulling as well).
5. It's never too late for crazy shit to go down. Keep an open mind and an open calendar, and let the vagina come to you.