For those that don't know me.

Well, continuing on that.Right when I was pissed with that girl, I decided check other fish on the sea, hell... mermaids!

Long read but interesting.

I was going out with my female friends like I said in the other post, and then one of them had a birthday party.

It was one of those funny situations where all of them get into the phone at the same time complaining "why aren't you here yet? come on!" So I did.

Arriving there, I met this new girl, a new great friend of them that joined the circle while I was months away because of work. The girl was kind of looking funny at me, and not such in a good way, but I didn't really care. I was too busy socializing with everyone at the party. A bunch of dudes I've never seen were there, and they all knew each other, I had to do something about it. With very little time, I was controlling the party, pretty much everyone was talking to me. Even though this girl I just mentioned still kept a reasonable distance, even after I played with her a little.

Now is where it comes the interesting part.

I got to talk with this girl, the following day, with none of the girls or guys around. Casually showing up at the store she works at, acting like a client.

I totally got her interested, IOIs were thrown left and right, but still something was wrong and I wasn't sure of what it was. Later on, we were chatting on the internet, and she let it slip that one of the girls, the one she was friends with first, is the one that was jealous of me, (but this jealous girl never really thought that one day I'd meet this new one, so she told her many things about me, how much she liked, how sex was, made relationship jokes and such)

For the sake of the story let's name the girls' initials
F (19) -> is like the alpha female of the group. Hot, smart, the party was hers, and pretty much controls the other girls. She's awesome, I'm not with her because we'd definetly wouldn't work out well together in a long time relationship. She even helps me picking up women. Our relationship was short, and fun. we didn't go forward because both of us knew it wouldn't work, so I jumped into this friendzone by my own will. Was a good choice.

Y (18)-> Cute, exotic, kinky, but a real air head. My little relationship with her didn't work out because of it. Great sex, but can't really keep up a smart conversation. The least "important" of the girls in the group, the one that goes out the least.

G (24)-> The jealous girl. This one thinks she's the shit when comes to sex, and knowing about men. She knows what I am like and she was crazy about trying me out, because of what the other 2 girls told her. She would consider herself a female PUA (damn she is wrong about that). My relationship with her was extremely funny. She hit on me, she called me to have sex, she paid the hotel, and she said we weren't having sex, it was a "orgasm duel". Yes, she used to call me saying "I challenge you today!"

L (21)-> the new girl! friends first with G, then a few months later she met the other girls. I'll tell more about her along the way.

OK, so L was treating me like I was G's boyfriend. The thing is G acted like that, but behind my back she's one of those girls that easily fall for a dude. She was secrety crazy about me, but always denied to me. F would tell me everyday to watch out because G was OBSESSED with me.

So Y called us saying she'd sing at some popular place, inviting me and the other girls. L asked ME, not the other girls to save her a seat because she was gonna get a a few minutes later. F immediately pulled my leg saying L wanted me.

So I played alfa male as soon as we arrived, I moved the tables at the fancy bar-like place, so that we could get closer to Y singing, became friends with the waiters (always do this, your table will be well served)

We had great fun that night, whenever I was talking to L, F would give me that "you're into each other look" and laugh at us, teasing and provoking. Quickly L became drunk. I mean VERY drunk. And since I'm the only dude in the group, I usually have to take all the girls home when they don't score. L lives the closest one to me, which means the opposite side of the city from the other 3 girls.

But L was REALLY drunk. It was funny even, not in the embarassing way, until she started crying because of an ex, when Y "sang their song".

So the girls hug each other, you know the drill, then she became all giggly and "I love you guys" again. After taking them all home, was time to take L. By then she was in that "I wanna sleep" drunkness stage. So I was shaking her, talking, playing to keep her up.

Out of nowhere she starts crying again. I hug her like the girls did and didn't say a word. I'm not good with this, I'm not sentimental. Then L suddenly kisses me, and a really good kiss. I kept going, wanted to see where that was heading.

After it, she looked up and said: "what the hell am I doing?! You're G's guy!"

We talked a little, and I tried to get her out of that thought, she was feeling a little better, but still drunk. I was about to get her into a cab when she said: "I don't wanna go home like this, I wanna sleep first, get this alcohol out otherwise my mom will kill me. (her mother is very religious and maybe strict from what I know) Let's get a room.

I was like: WTF?

And then she pulled me to a hotel, while saying "what am I doing? Why am I going into a hotel with you? I barely know you!"

Me: It's YOUR idea, I still wanna get you home. Let's get a taxi.

L: No, let's get into the hotel, but you won't fuck me!

Me: Me? I'm worried about you raping me! You're the drunk one and you're the one that kissed me! HAHA!

Immediatly I kissed her after that comment.

so we got at the hotel, she said she wanted to sleep. So we agreed that I'd get her home right before the first sun ray hits the window.

She had a shower, and I laid down on the bed, not caring really. While she showered, many things crossed my mind.

Well I don't fuck drunk chicks. It's one of the things I do, I don't like to take advantage of that kind of situation. And even if I did, that could screw up my little female friendship circle, even though she might just keep the secret so the other girls wouldn't think she was a slut. But I was in a hotel with a beautiful girl and wouldn't have sex? Come ooooon!

Then I stopped thinking. Relaxed... And got it on my head that I wouldn't have sex with her, not there, not in that situation.

After she leaves the bathroom, she sits next to me on bed. And starts again saying things like "what am I doing here?" Cries a little again, and lets out some information that led me to believe that not only her parents are strict, but also very religious. Cries a little more, and asks me to "make it stop once more" but makes me promise I won't fuck her because she's vulnerable.

So I promise. I did it before to myself anyway. And then she kisses me. Things get hotter, she turns off the lights.

As things get hotter, she gives me the most fantastic blowjob I ever had. And I get her horny enough to make her beg me to fuck her.

So there I am, crazy to do it, she completly naked moaning, begging for it. I look at my pants thrown at the corner of the room, and think of the condoms in the pocket... Then I think of everything that crossed while she was showering.

Then I made the craziest decision possible, one that would get me out of the situation just fine. Assuring me sex later, getting her to think I wasn't getting advantage of the situation, and maybe make people think highly of me in case she told them what happened.

I reached out to her ears and whispered: I got condoms here, but I promised I wouldn't. I'll keep my promise. You wanna have sex with me? Then you'll have to go out with me again. No alcohol, no crying, no regrets.

then I finished her off using other methods haha!

The other day, I went back at her job, to check out how she was, checking how much she remembered of it, and so.

She remembered it all, thanked me for it, said I was a real man, and was impressed. I asked if anyone knew about it, and she pointed to a girl that works with her. She wouldn't tell one of the other girls in our group, I KNEW IT! And then that other girl I've never met, now thought I was a great guy.

Then I casually invited her out again. How casually? "hey I'm gonna get some pizza today, you should come."

She did. When she arrived, started saying things like "if any of the girls sees us, we're dead!" But was kissing me anyway.

While we were seeing each other without the other girls knowing, G was jealous of how quickly I became "friends" with L. And started a little passive agression. Always telling F how jealous and pissed she was, and L how much she liked me, and would try this or that when she get me in bed. Making L feel really bad about it.

Took quite a while for her to get this "you're G's boyfriend, I shouldn't be doing this, even though you don't want her, she's crazy about you and I'm a bad friend" out of her head, but we did after a few secret dates. After a while we told F, then I told G, a little more crying happened but in the end they all were fine.

Until... L became my "official girlfriend"... Almost a month after that day, which is last friday haha!

When I told G I was going out with L, she was pissed for a very short while, and complained that no one told her. But she moved on just fine and now is chasing another dude. F congratulated us when we told her we were going out.

Now comes the funny part.

When we were going out, and F knew about it but G didn't. She kinda covered it for us. And in our little group, since F is the "alfa female" and I'm the "alfa male" there has always been this little inside joke that we'd be together. And we do play around like we're gonna marry and stuff. even though F would introduce me girls, and I'd help her get some dudes.

When we went dancing, I'd dance mostly with F, like always, and look over her shoulder at L, giving her looks. And then F would also turn around, and give her playful looks, always telling her not to be jealous, we've been always like this, and we had to "hide from G right?" then she'd constantly drag G with her to the bathroom and whisper "you 2 have fun for a while, I'll call you when we leave"

There's this other concert we went,heading there, we took one of several tour buses, completly full. we had the luck of G finding a seat a few seats away. F was always talking to her and I was between them, so I had to move, L was standing next to me, and we were whispering stuff to each other. (F knews, G still didn't) F noticed I was geting bothered by having to move out of the way, so she made me sit on her seat, and she sat on my lap. Like ALWAYS, and whispered to L: don't be jealous. And L didn't seem to be.
So F was sitting on my lap, like she was my girlfriend, L was standing next to us, giving me looks, and I was with my arm wrapped around her leg, in such a way G wouldn't see. (L always telling me I was crazy G might notice any moment and giggling)This moment a dude noticed, one on my lap, the other being held by her thigh, and was staring at me, and making gestures like "you're the man" hahaha!

arriving there the 3 of them in front of me, whenever a dude they weren't interested approached them, they'd use me as an excuse. Would hug me and call me their boyfriend like always, and introduce me girls. But now L was secrety holding my hand in front of me, extremely tight on romantic songs, and giving me looks. F is very short, so she asked to hop on my back for a little while during her favorite song, and G was trying to convince another guy friend that just showed up to do the same. And while F was on my back, G was busy with the other dude, trying to climb on his back, I was making out with L. Yes, with F on my back. That same dude from the bus was close to me, saw it, and called me his new hero HAHAHA!
When F got off my back, she started teasing us "I saw you two kissing haha!" like a little kid.

A little after that, G found out and things kept going. Jokes on me and F kept going, she'd often still tease L like "Enjoy him, because when I finish university we'll keep our deal and get married! It's ok you can be the lover!"

we all still played around, but there were no one to hide from, L and I would kiss in front of everyone. I'd still help them reject unwanted guys, and meet others.

Until... It became official that L and I were on a serious relationship.

G said she was happy for us, and gave us the little "don't hurt each other, friends forever" speech.

Now F... I've never seen her like that. She opened her eyes like she had seen a ghost or something. Then whispered "are you on drugs or something? Nevermind!" She's a lot more quiet now, doesn't make jokes about us, and stuff like that.

Looks like she finnaly got it that she's jealous too haha!

I'll try my best not to hurt anyone in this, like I have always been doing. But this will be funny.

I'll update this as I go on, unless things get boring and not need sharing.

As far as I can tell, Now I live in another city pretty far, so I see them only on weekends, like weekends 3 times a month or on holidays.

L and I are serious, she's an incredibly sweet and funny girl, and is the best sex I ever had, she had recently broke out of a relationship a month before meeting me, and was still devastated.
She has a look in her eyes in a way I never seen before, doing stuff like when we hold hands, enjoy some time alone, or met after the first week I spent without seeing her (that stupid little "girl runs, jumps on guy. Guy holds her, spin around and kisses a lot" even though this has happened before to me many times, the way she looks at me when she does it, is different). She's very sentimental, and sweet, I find it extremely sexy.

Her parents seem a little strict, and religious and don't know me yet. I'll try to "game them" when the time comes.

That being said, I'm glad once more, that even though I lost my Moby Dick (I know whale isn't a fish), getting back into the sea and finding myself a new mermaid was a real blast!