Met DG for drinks around 8pm. Was really the first time I had met up with her and we had never kissed before. I had seen her around at various places previously and admit the first time I saw her that I was mildly attracted to her.
We met up on Sunday night on a sort of double date. My mate had arranged to go to a movie with the girl he is seeing and lo and behold his girl invited DG and my friend invited me. Ended up seeing “Safehouse.”
I texted her on Mon and we arranged to meet up for drinks on Wed night.
My plan was basically to start talking about sex and ramping up the conversation whilst we drank. We met at 8pm and at around 10:30 I felt that the time was right to bounce. (We had kissed by then and I conversation was interesting to say the least) I told her to come back to my place to watch the original Karate Kid. She was putting up LMR but I plowed on, telling her how to get to my place and that I’ve got the world’s fattest cat that she has to see.
She gave me a little more LMR. I just discounted it and assumed she was coming back to my place, saying “see you soon. See if you can get there before me.”
50/50 gamble. But it worked
I arrived first. 2 minutes later she pulls in.
I put on the DVD, give her some green tea, which she doesn’t drink, get pillows and my duvet and snuggle up to her on the couch. I feign sleep, as she tickles me, my head on her shoulder. I kiss her lightly on the arm every once in a while. She gives me a few tender kisses on my face.
Then I look up into her eyes and we kiss fully. I take her top off. (A little LMR) but she puts her hands up as I slip her top off over her head. I take off her bra.
We kiss some more. I try to get her pants off. No ways. Big LMR. I take a step back going back to kissing her. I try for the pants again. No ways - more LMR. Her pants are denim with elastic waste instead of button and zipper. I role her over
Kiss her back and move down, pull the pants down from behind and kiss the top of her butt. She really likes that. I roll her back around. This time she lets me pull the pants down from the front and I go down on her. Then she submits. She is putty in my hands and lets me take her. I take her pants off completely, take her hand and lead her back to my room.
She is a nice girl. I plan on seeing more of her.
I had another date tonight with a girl I met on Sat. Our bbms are intense and she has sent me a few really good looking photos, but I’ve moved it either to Sun or Tue for various reason.
This week has been good. Only 1 number flake from 3 numbers over the weekend. Live with emotional strength. It is totally empowering my brothers.