Sunday, Jan 19th + Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2012

First off, everything written in this post was written in February. I didn't expect anything to come from this one-day interaction that I had in January, so I didn't write about it at the time. Without further adieu:

Sunday, Jan 19th, 2012

Today I have a shoot for a music video. During the entire shoot, I manage to hit on every girl. As I'm leaving the shoot, one of the girls that I was macking on hardcore is walking a couple paces behind me. I can feel her eyes on me. I abruptly turn around:


Her (we'll call her Homeless Shelter): *DERP face*

Me: I'm not going to leave without a kiss goodbye

Initiate hardcore tongue down in the hallway as the rest of the music video cast and crew file past us like what the fuck.

We get in our separate cars and leave. On the road, I notice she's driving the same direction as me; her car is right behind me. I change lanes and slow down so I'm next to her, and then motion her to pull over. We pull into a parking lot that looks like it belongs to a hospital (there's ambulances and shit, but no hospital in sight).

I get out and walk straight to her car like I'm on a mission. She asks me some bullshit question like “Why'd you pull me over” as I get to her car, which I ignore and promptly re-initiate tongue down. After a while of this, I try to pull her to an alleyway (we're in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, there's literally no other place to pull her). She's not having it, and I have other shit to do so I leave. I never really hit her up too much after that.

Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2012

I've been sleeping in my car. Needless to say, the following text excites me:

Homeless Shelter: Hey guess what? I'm gonna have my apartment to myself for a week.

FUCK YEAH. Off the streets for a solid week? I'll take that. Time to go fuck for housing. Hope that doesn't make me a whore. I'll finish up this report after I see how the evening unravels. Don't want to think too far ahead of myself.

Honestly, the fact that I MIGHT have housing for the next week gives me anxiety over the outcome, whereas I don't feel any outcome dependency based off of her. Time to go pimp it up. Peace.

1:00 AM

God damn. Bitch still hasn't hit me up. If I had time to plan, I would have hit up other girls that are possible housing options. Fucking excuses. Lesson learned: always make multiple plans for a night. Then I can choose my favorite. Looks like it's the car again tonight. Time to add another stain to my upholstery...

1. Random bitches be hitting you up at random times
2. Don't put all your ovaries in one basket
3. Very abrupt physical escalation can turn a chick ON hardcore (as long as you've been steadily pumping her buying temperature and she's ready for it)

Kind of bumming, I feel like this FR turned out lame. Hopefully I'll be able to post a follow-up where I get a revenge fuck on this chick. She's got the greatest tits ever + they're pierced. My suicide kind of girl.