This one is for the MEN, who are committed to self improvement.

So, I have been trying to become a pick up artist for a while, I read quite a bit BUT more importantly I PRACTICE, I had been approaching quite alot of women before this given night that I will tell u about, and the practice was Invaluable!. Lets begin...

So I was working at this club on valentines day (14 Feb, 2012) and my job was to stand in the front and bring people to this wall to write love letters and sh*t on. So my first approach (I was feeling my own kind of Approach Anxiety, although nothing physical''. So anyway these 2 women (ages 28/29) walk in, and I just say some random stuff to them, a bit flirtatious, enerjetic and confident....then I get serious ioi'S from the blonde one (about a 7/10) anyway, I show her my abs and Number Close her. (and she definately wants to fuark)!!

So anyway I found that after this first highly responsive girl, I feel like the KING! I didnt use any negs or any of that stuff, I was just confident, energetic and spontaneous. I was calling tons of women to write on the wall, being a bit flirty and outrageous, I realised its not so much what you say, but HOW you come accross, anyway I left the club with 13 numbers. Many of the chicks were high grade I would say 8/10.

I came to the realisation that it dont matter how hot a chick is, in relation to getting her,
some ugly chicks are harder than hot chicks, true story!
Its not about what you say, but HOW you say it.

I am very happy with that result, I called one girl and she was super keen for plans, and I texted another one and shes also keen.

I just got one ''problem''...I havnt called the other 11, any suggestions on how I can manipulate this time delay to my advantage?

Thanks gentlemen.

And remember, Life rewards those who are most committed to their goals!