For some reasons, I went thru almost a whole year where kissing became a huge issue. I was either waiting for the 100% perfect time and signal that it never happened OR I rushed it with an awkward jerky movement that the girl got turned off. So then one of my New Year's resolution was to overcome this nonsense. So am proud to say I have kiss closed about 10 girls this year and this weekend I kissed one on Friday and one on Saturday. The Friday one was great, because it was a cold approach in a crowded dance club. Went up to her and asked her if she was the manager (situational opener)because she was observing the bar intensely. After a few minutes of standard routines, she warmed up and opened up a bit. Then at some point she said she has a boyfriend but I she made a lot of eye contacts, smiled a lot (ioi). Then I said,"since you have a boyfriend, we cannot kiss on the lips but there are some safe areas" So I kissed her on the cheek, then the arm (opposite side of the elbow)...bit her there, and then her neck. Now she was turned on. I went for her lips. She turned her face away. I kissed the corner of her mouth..BUT I STAYED...I kept my lips there for 2-3 seconds (seemed like eternity). And then she started to kiss and man was she passionate!