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    Default Museum Game experience

    I had a really funny experience. Last week I met this chic at the market while she was doing video interview of random people. I gave her my email but didn't get hers for some reason...I guess I didn't feel like it.

    Then yesterday, I was going to the museum by myself, because my date had blown me off. As I was crossing the street I looked back at the curb and there was a girl who looked just like the market girl. Without hesitation and smiled and said "hey how's it going...I met you the other day...etc" and kinda naturally walked back to the curb. Anyway, what's funny is that even though it wasn't her, she was responsive and smiled and was like "oh yeah, didn't i meet you somewhere?"

    By the time we crossed the street, we talked some and I invited her to check out the museum with me since it was free night anyway. It was awesome. I've always wanted a museum date.
    Not only that but I had a cool party already planned after that, which I of course invited her to. So right off the bat we spent the whole evening together. It was so random, yet so natural and cool.

    I don't know where I want to go with it, because she didn't Kino very well and was a little awkward. But still cool.

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    Default Re: Museum Game experience

    Sounds awesome bro! Spontaneous little pickup- you got the ball in your court there I'd say.

    Maybe mention hey, 'where did you remember meeting me at?' But probably don't mention you thought she was someone else haha.

    Keep it rollin!

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