first time out at the club since last year actually went out with an old friend of mine his brother & his friend also this girl was with us. Overall was a fun night nice to get out there again. Opened up first set with "are you fun? Fun & adventerous? I bet you can dance! then put hand out & danced.. ended up isolating i threw a rountine line at her a few she responded well but then says "you seem forced do you practice picking up girls?!" i was said no why am i doing that good then madeout with her while she was on my lap. I fucked up by next bringing her back to dance which after a few songs she kissed me then left... got blown out with the fun opener numerous times... the thing was this was a rave club ALL the girls are dancing then mid dancing id shoulder tap then open.. i managed prob. 5 or 6 good dances with girls & then proceeded to kiss another girl on the dance floor mid dance. 2 kiss closes 0 numbers. but tonight was good practice for me. question for the forum! any tips on dance floor game like when girls are in mid-dance do you approach. because grind behind guy not even. Any tips thanks

- TheArms