hei guys Im a newbie here, This is my first field report of hopefully few. I live in Iceland and Im trying to up my game.

I went out last Friday with people from my university and I began talking to a girl. Everything was going smoothly and we talked and danced in a group and I found that we were getting along very well. She whispered that she was leaving with her friends and I kissed her and she gave me her digits. Well she came back in 5 min and said that they had decided to stay, so we kissed some more on the dance floor and then all of the sudden she starts to pull away and I asked her why. She told me that the guy she has been dating for 2-3 weeks had been with us all the night and she didnt want to hurt his feelings. Fair enough, so every time he got up to the toilet she came and kissed me, then he wanted to go home and she went with him(although I asked her to stay) but before she went she kissed me and told me to call her on the Saturday because she would be going out with her girlfriends. So I texted her and told her that she should have stayed and something more(cant remember, me being drunk). When I came home I found her on facebook an added her. I also texted her around 10 in the evening of the Saturday with something like "whats up". Well in the end I got no response for the text and no response for the friend request.

Any idea's what I could have done differently?
My thoughts are on anti-slut defence...