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    Default (UK) Approach to lay scenario.

    So guys I'm currently getting mad pussy on POF, I have decided to post that sh1t up and let you guys see what you make of it and hit me with feedback, criticism, and maybe even praise.

    Yesterdays scenario, Sent out a tonne of messages on POF like 30 different girls (Cut and paste a sweet ass message that I have saved) Bang 40 mins later I have 8 replies and 2 numbers

    EDIT: (I must add here that a few of the chicks I had messaged before so this wasn't cold!)

    So the two numbers obviously get priority here due to buying temperature. So I choose the hottest, lets call her sugar tits.

    I begin text game,

    Me: Yo! Get your little ass out today and we can go for drinks in the park! I won't hear anything to the contrary, got it? x

    Sugar tits: Yeah but your buying if that's a deal then I'll be there xx

    Me: I don't usually buy girls drinks :P but I'll make an exception this once and your getting the next one, deal? x

    Sugar tits: Deal! xx

    Me: Right I'll get you at _______ at 2pm? I'll be wearing a blue morph suit and have an inflatable rubber ring so you won't miss me x

    So at this stage I game her for a little while, she texts me a total of 36 times before we meet, So I go meet her (HB7) in real life, not to bad though and her profile pic was current so that was good, although she was a little heavier than I had hoped but not fat.

    So I though yeah I can deal with this, so we grabbed some alcohol from a local shop and grabbed an epic spot in the park and got chatting, at this stage I will say I had already in my texts expressed my intent quite subtly. So the stage was set for me to go ahead and sexualize my game. I spent a few hours chatting with her and after the first 45 mins I started my Kino, she responded well and on my next kino I made sure I touched her tits "Accidentally" she was so cool with it and at that point I knew we were gonna sleep with each other.

    All that was left now was to set the stage for it and give her some offset plausible deniability, I used my "hardcore" line - This is where I basically insult the chick by telling her she isn't cool / hardcore enough to do what I want her to do. As I expected, she went for it and it was executed flawlessly, What I said exactly was

    "Aww man that's it! I'm gonna be here till midnight alone! I know it!"

    Sugar tits: how!? What do you mean?

    Me: Your not hardcore enough to stay out with me and get drunk, I better make friend with some of those guys with the speakers soon, they look like there out for the night haha!

    Sugar tits: Hey! Yeah I am, I drink here all the time, I spent my whole summer here last year until like 2am most nights!

    Me: Cool well if were staying out here drinking I'm crashing on your couch until I can get a train, deal?

    Sugar tits: Yeah that's no problem at all!

    fark YEAH!

    So at this point I know it's on and basically we spend the next 3 hours getting drunk. I don't kiss her AT ALL in this time, I wait until I want to kiss her. Some good advice is to just delay the kiss if you can, as long as possible but never ask for it just take it when you want it.

    So were going home from the park and it's only like 9pm, so when we reach town she needs to pee and runs into a bar, I wait outside and smoke a cigarette. 5 mins later BOOM, some dude come out and he is like "Are you such and such with sugar tits?" I'm like yeah man! Then he's like come inside man we work with sugar tits we bought you and her some drinks! (My head is full of fark at this point being quite drunk) but I go ahead inside and sure as hell, 4 horny AFC's all fighting to hit on her LOL! I actually laughed so hard! So we spent the next 2 hours letting these 4 AFC's buy us drinks!

    It get better though, much better HAHA! So me and sugar tits go for a smoke and I say to her that I love her tits!

    Shes all like haha! Why!?

    So I say - They are the best wing man I ever had! Look at us were a total tag team of awesome! Your tits and my brains are too dangerous together!
    These dudes are buying us drinks and I'm telling them how to get chicks! and showing them ways to get approach and nail a kiss (AFC's think your god if you get them a kiss) So I demonstrated I grabbed a girl at another table and asked her to help the guy, I said

    "Excuse me my new friend here is having a sh1t time with the ladies tonight! Yeah he's good looking and funny but he just gets all tongue twisted, here's what you need to do for me, take him over to your table, sit him down and interview him for the position of your boyfriend! then give him pointers! Just playfully though I'm not playing cupid tonight, it's my night off (BIG SMILE)"

    10 mins later, he was kissing her. Every one of the AFC's were begging me to do it for them too. Like a boss I told them I won't be here all the time so they best learn how to themselves, but i said it nicely though, (I still wanted drinks for free)

    So 40 mins later I suggest we bounce to another bar but on the way out sugar tits tells me she need to go to the store and buy cat food, so I say what one of you fine men here is gonna buy sugar tits some food for her pussy!?

    BANG! one guy's like hey man what do ya need! So he goes to the store and buys like 2 packets of cat food and gets me some smokes for free! haha!

    Well I was getting really farking drunk at this point so I grabbed sugar tits in front of the group of AFC's so they could see and then I kissed her in a mad farking way and was grabbing her ass and getting far to sexual for about 20 seconds. (bearing in mind that the whole night the 4 AFC's were hitting on sugar tits and I was sitting back almost ignoring her and really only speaking to her when she was working for my attention back)

    Then I downed my drink, told her to do the same, raised my glass, cheers'd with the group and announced we were off!

    Took her back to her place, said almost nothing LOL we just laughed about the wild farking night we just had! Got home, said nothing went right to her bed and farked her, spent all day today farking her and got home at 4pm.

    So guys feel free to critique, gimme feed back on this or just share similar stories!

    I look forward to your comments and questions!

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    We are limited only by our creativity.

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