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    Default I feel like I've known you forever

    Ever meet someone that you immediately hit it off with? I did, and in the strangest way - an online match maker site. Here's the story:

    About a week ago, I got a call on my cell and I didn't answer cus the call was anonymous. It was a woman and she left me a message. I didn't recognize the name and she didn't mention that she got my number from the match maker site. I called her back about an hour later.

    When she answered she wouldn't tell me where she got my number and toyed with me saying that I was blowing it bad if I forgot who she was. I gave up and said "your my cousin from Phoenix." She laughed and told me I had sent her a flirt at the match maker site.

    After that playful opening, we talked for over four hours. The last thing she said was that she felt as though she had known me forever, then we exchanged photos of each other as we were at the moment. She is one HB8! With a attitude of 10!

    Well, I never wait as long as I have to set up a face to face meetup and was afraid of loosing the window of opportunity. So I called her yesterday and explained that I was very interested in getting together with her but school and other obligations were taking up my time. We have been texting and talking to each other every day since the first day we talked.

    Today, I made solid plans with her to meetup next week. Since I'll be on Spring Break, I am going to take her on an all day adventure, not just a date.

    I wish I would have kept a record of what I said to gain her trust and have her open up to me so rapidly. She said she has told me more personal things about herself than any one else she knows.

    Anyway, I think that just being an active listener, empathetic and non-judgemental was what opened her up and not so much what I said but how I said it. The tone I used when talking to her may also have helped her feel comfortale w/me (women tell me I have a soft/sexy voice).

    Today, she confided in me that she loves her independence and, even though she is looking for Mr. Right, she is not ready to give up her freedom. She said she'd have to know some one for at least 6 months before considering a LTR. She also let me know that a LTR is her ultimate goal, but hasn't found Mr. Right. She laughed and said, "who knows, maybe it's you?"

    I will "use every trick in the book" (like Donovan wrote in a song) from Kino to Sexual Tension to escalate the first meeting to a kiss close. If I'm reading her right, I might bed her down - I'm pretty sure she wants to test the waters - I'm assuming she's a Tester Denier Realist as described in the Pandora's Box system.

    More next week...
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