Okay. The set is laid out. My target, and possible soulmate, told me she's feeling very excited about meeting me in person.

A few days ago she txt and asked me what I had planned for our first meeting and I used someone's line that I read here in a post, "I reserved the best table at Burger King!" She replied, "Wow, you're going all out. Hahaha!" Then I replied, "Hey, the all you can eat places come later." (From Drumline movie) She replied, "hahaha you funny man!"

An hour ago I told her my plans and asked her to pick a restaurant near our initial starting point, which is the San Diego Museum of Art. ***Guys, I can't emphasize this more. Invest in Year Round Passes (for two) to local attractions and amusement parks; especially if you're a Serial Dater.***

Well, the HB8 picked an expensive pastry cafe. She's lucky I can afford it - or am I the lucky one?

I'm picking her up at her place on Tuesday about noonish. I have decided to plant a good kiss on her as soon as I get close enough to do it. That's how I'm going to kick off the date.