Let me just start out by saying Panama City Beach was one hell of a week. If you want to go somewhere where all the women let their inhibitions go, run around in bikinis all day and will take their tops off for a bunch of horny dudes on the beach chanting "Show your tits!" then PCB is the place for you. I had just started reading The Game by Neil Strauss and I was ready to put some of my knowledge into action.

Just for some background on me, I'm a very shy guy normally so the simple act of introducing myself to the girls in my group (10 of us total) and just saying "Hey, what's your name?" was even tough for me but I did it within the first 5 minutes of meeting them and it went great and I realized that these girls would probably be pretty fun to party with for the next week. They rode in a separate vehicle so there isn't much to be said for the ride down but as soon as we arrived, I immediately put myself out there. I set my sh1t down, grabbed my bottle of Rumchata (women love it), poured us all some shots, stopped everyone from what they were doing, and made a small toast to us all having a great week ahead of us. I was already the life of the party and the center of attention.

One girl in our group stood out right away. I started off confident but not cocky. She made a comment in passing to a couple friends and I about not judging her actions that week and that's when I told her "Great, you'll be a perfect wing-man for me this week." She smiled, said some other blah blah blah and continued unpacking her sh1t. As the night went on and more shots were poured, I focused a lot on my body language, got to know her friends and continued to act like I wasn't really all that interested in her. I smiled a lot, told some jokes and got past all the openers with her as I moved my way into the set. I had now demonstrated social value and was ready to get to know this girl. I asked her all the boring questions like where she was from, where she went to school, blah blah blah until she told me she worked as a hairdresser. I said "Perfect, I need a girl to gel my hair for the clubs tonight." She agreed and we went into the bathroom to gel my hair. I had now just isolated her. When we were in the bathroom, I told her about how she really had to make me look good because I planned on taking home every woman in the club. More social value displayed, albeit a bit cocky but funny, either way she didn't care. She was throwing me so many ioi's I was past the point of using lines.

The club was fun. It was my first night at a club like that and my buddies had absolutely no game so it was hard to do much. I opened a lot with some of the openers I read in the Neil Strauss book, danced/grinded with a handful of women but had a really hard time closing. I didn't let it get to me, I was practicing and I'll admit I'm very picky with my women and the majority of the ones I danced with weren't the type of girl I wanted to bring back with me.

We made it back to the condo and I passed the hell out. I was hammered because we had just drank free alcohol at the bar because of some special card we had. The next morning, more drinking as usual but this time the girl I had been working on decided it was time I owed her for putting the suntan lotion on my back so I didn't act super enthused about it but after some joking and flirting, I agreed. I isolated her by sitting on the nearby couch and she followed. As I started putting the lotion on her back, I bragged about being a masseuse and bragged about my ability to give a good massage. She didn't have to say anything before I started massaging her shoulder, sides by her breasts, the back and sides of her neck, and her lower back. She loved it. I had just put her into my trance. After a bit of that, I layed down and told her it was my turn for a massage. She of course agreed. That goes on and I just take it all in almost forgetting what I was trying to do there in the first place. Then it just hit me. I told her to lean in because I had to tell her a secret. She leaned in and I turned around and kissed her. This was the first time I had ever taken the first kiss from a girl. We made out for awhile until I was comfortable enough to tell her I was ready to pounce on her. That's when she leaned in for another make-out, leaned back and asked if I had a condom. The rest of the story is pretty self-explanatory.

TL;DR Went to Panama City Beach with a group, didn't know the girls at first, met them, dhv'd a lot, turned suntan lotion into a massage, got the first kiss, homerun.