Oh I forgot how good a place concerts can be for pickup! You really don't have to think much, just act.
I sorta picked up the mother hen of a little bunch, the rest of the girls looked pretty young (but she was 31 I guess) I never asked about them though, just did my thang .
It's cool cause you got high energy, you already must like the same music, and people are havin fun and dancing around etc.

I think we started off talking about the rapper on stage or something, oh just a guy by the name of Phife Dawg Really don't recall the convo much, it was a rowdy Friday nite I guess.

Danced with the girl a bit, hey I was at a concert; then out of a little drunk lust, after asking her if she wanted to kiss me, I allowed it and took that moment in the middle of the crowd haha. Twice.

Number closed, texted back around 2 or 3am with a reply. I'm not crazy about the girl, but it's nice to get a good operational pickup, after the slump of stale #'s I kept running into the last month or two.

I'll maybe call her this week, we'll see if it goes.

Good gamins fellas!