The continuing saga of EMSaenz...

1) HB9 from Home Depot: made love to her (& I do mean love). It was not a slam, bang, thank you mam! I took my time & made sure she climaxed.

2) Later that day, a woman I've known for a while knocked on my door & we did it.

3) I signed up for Salsa dance classes - 8:30 pm tuesdays. Got 4 phone #s.

4) Met up w/a cowgirl at the stables. I wanted to let off some steam cus the night before I got a call from one of my best friend's wife to tell me he died.

5) Got laid again.

6) Took a shower, cleaned my pool & got laid again.

Sheetnizle! I get more sex than I did when I was married!

Unfortunately, my true love (woman of my dreams) flaked.