What a night! Just goes to show you that patience can definitely pay off.

First, a word about fashion and its importance.

As newbies begin their journey into pickup, let me assure you that tight fashion can smooth your path out. Especially if you wind up in a venue where you are the one guy who shows true fashion sense.

I was upset because my white nautica sport coat I sent off to the dry cleaner didn't get done in time for the dance. So I had to come up with a whole new look and fast.

But luckily in the modern day, google is our friend! After an hour of combing through various photographs I settled on this tight look based on Johnny Depp.

I copied this look almost exactly, except I added a black fedora with a pink hatband. OMG The women ate it up. Just the fashion statement alone had me standing out where every other guy was just amazingly understated. This look is absolutely killer. Copy it, I promise you it will not do you wrong!

I even came up with an opener for it:

Female:"Wow! I *love* your outfit!"

PUA:"Well thank you sweetie! I took a fashion cue from one of your favorite actors."


PUA:"If you can guess, I'll buy you a drink."

It was a fun little game, I'd give them vague hints like "The Black Pearl"(The name of Captain Jack Sparrow's ship in the Pirates series) and such and they never got it and I'd tell them Depp.

Then it would always be "OMG! I LOOOOVE Johnny Depp!"

"Well, the thing is, He's not here, and *I* am."

Anyway, I'm 35. A 20 year old wouldn't have found much to get excited about here as most of the women were in their mid-late 30's and 40's. A bunch of cougars and milfs out on the prowl. But these women are mature, able conversationalists, and they do not sh1t test like the younger ones do and frankly these weren't broken down milfs there were plenty of real hotties to choose from for the mature PUA.

As soon as I arrived, I grabbed a drink and spotted the best looking women(3 set) on the dance floor and inserted myself into their group. The leader, easily an 8 despite 40 years of life was just shocked that this finely dressed man just suddenly appeared in thier group and opened them while dancing. She tried a little tiny, easily beaten sh1t test "Well if you wanted to dance with us don't you think you should ask?"

My response was "Well now, would you deny yourself the chance to dance with a handsome, well dressed gentleman such as myself just because he had the stones to do so without asking?"

Her answer was "Not at all." and I was in like Flynn buddy.

So the dance ended I said "So, shall we step over to a table somewhere and have a drink and some good conversation?" to which the 8 responded "Well, you'll have to join us over at our girly table."

Like she was expecting me to drop out at the idea of me sitting alone at a table full of pretty women! LMAO Little did she know who she was messing with.

I said "No problem, I'm a very social guy." and she took me to her table which was filled with not 5, not 6, not 7, but 8 women in various modes of dress and looks. I was shocked myself becuase this was a very large group for one PUA to handle and my buddies had all chickened out tonight and I was utterly alone. I had never handled a group this large. What the hell right?

I opened the entire group without missing a beat, introduced myself, and all her girlfriends instantly moved out of the way, parting like the red sea before moses and a seat suddenly appeared for me next to the 8 and I sat down with her and the conversation was on!

Typical Fluff talk. I'm not a verbal game guy. Everything I do is based on Kino Escalation and dhv through body language and rather than concentrate on a bunch of DHV stories and tales, I DHV through normal fluff conversation with ease, or maybe I do have a few routines but now it is all so ingrained into me, I could call myself a real natural these days.

Basically I was just killing time, waiting for a truly smoking set of hotties to walk in the door. We conversated, had a good time, nothing to write about really. Your usual stuff.

So I excused myself after awhile to go have a smoke and stepped outside and just arriving as I was walking out the door was a 2 set of hotties. A busty blonde and her tall, equally busty brunette friend with some of the most luscious hair I'd seen on a woman in awhile. I love thick, long hair and not enough women have it these days so I was instantly attracted to her.

They went inside and I had my cig and then I walked back into the venue and the two of them were just finishing getting thier drinks. I waited until they had grabbed themselves a couple seats and I approached

PUA:"You two are exactly who I have been waiting to see."


PUA:"Yup, a couple of well dressed and attractive women. You guys look friendly enough. I think I'll have a seat." and I grabbed a chair and inserted myself between them.

The brunette turned out to be the beta female of the two and the blonde was the outgoing one. I started with the blonde one as she was the most outgoing and the leader and while both of them were smoking I really wanted that long haired brune so the fact that she was the shy one really got me going because I know that it is the blonde who gets all the attention when they are out.

I ran a quick best friends test on them and luckily for me a decent looking chap, a little older, came along and opened blondie taking her attention away from me and letting me really get into the nuts and bolts of picking up the brune.

So I fired up the kino and started the Conversation. I couldn't possibly get into the entire conversation, as it was kino escalation and fluff talk. The entire time we're talking she's running her fingers through that beautifully long and thick mane and I told her that I loved long hair and made it a point to let her know that "I love women with long flowing locks of hair, and I find yours particularly attractive which is why I introduced myself to you guys."

This blew her wide open because you could tell she was always the one who got the attention of the chodes and her getting my attention was a big deal. All the easier for me.

I rapidly escalated the kino and before long I was running my fingers through that gorgeous hair and stroking the back of her neck. She did exactly as every other women I ever touched there does.. closed her eyes, coo'd and then leaned her head forward like "that feels soo good."

That was it, before long we were making out on the dance floor. Other dude who was with blondie wasn't getting nearly the luck I was. He was watching me the entire time, jealous as hell I'm making rapid progress with my girl I'm sure.

He was too slow in his escalation and it was apparent that the blonde wasn't very into him, but wasn't about to steal her best friends glory so she responded in a lukewarm way to dude's kino, which wasn't very impressive at all by PUA standards but for a guy at least 50, he wasn't bad looking and was doing an acceptably well job of keeping blondie distracted which allowed me to begin my closing routines which was basically get her on the dance floor during the last couple slow dances of the night, burying my face in that luxurious hair and starting with kissing her cheek and finally moving to her lips.

Well, the dance ended and I had to go to work unfortunately(I work 3rds argh!) otherwise I would've changed venues and eventually had this chick in my bed tonight. But thats okay, I just got a text from her a bit ago telling me what an amazing time she had and how awesome I was and she can't wait to see me agian so I'll call her tomorrow afternoon and set up a Day 2 for the lay.