I'm a 20 year old college student, never been good with girls and I haven't really done sh1t with them. Working on that right now. Last night I was real tired, not in the party mood, kinda high, but my friends wanted to party. I figured why not. I followed my drunker friend around for awhile then I was like fark it and popped a squat in a lawn chair outside. I basically stayed there 90% of the night.

I consciously told myself that I wasn't even gonna bother trying to get laid that night. Just didn't feel up to sarging or whatever. I was just happy cus I just finished a tough week of school so I was just gonna chill hard. So I basically sat there, talked to a good amount of people who were around or came up to me, but basically just chilled real hard. I actually was enjoying it, just watching everybody and seeing the dynamics at play.

I immediately notice that 90% of those guys have absolutely no shot at getting laid tonight. Seriously, these guys are farking chumps. The only kids getting laid are maybe some of the ones who met the girl previously or kids who brought their GF. I only noticed one guy who I would consider alpha as fark. I dunno if he lived there or something but he just looked like he farkin ran the place. And it showed the way he dealt with chicks.

A few chicks started coming up to me. I would actually get a good amount of EC and a couple times after that they approached me. I could tell some of them were interested but I really wasn't in the mood to pursue, especially since I wasn't all that attracted to these girls. Then there was this one chick, chick came up to me and said she was gonna smoke by me cus I was smoking too. I'm like sure. Didn't say much back and forth, lots of pauses but we talked a bit. She left and came back later. Wanted to smoke my cig she moved in close to me and took a drag while I held it. Good amount of Kino from her she kept touching me and sh1t. At some point she says that if she were a guy she would be just like me, cus I just sit back and observe.

She leaves again, I make EC with her again later and she starts talking to another group, directly across from me. At some point she pulls down her dress a little bit, I'm checking out her ass/legs and then I look up at her - she saw me checking her out and there's a little bit of an eye fark for a second there. After this I blow it, I dunno where she went but I kept hoping she would come back and talk to me or something. At some point I get up and go in to maybe see if she's there but she'd left. Sucked. I didn't realize how blatant the dress thing was until it was too late, totally missed my opportunity.

I shoulda got up and taken her somewhere else right after that. Don't think a kiss/make out was that far away. Who knows about farking her but I'd be game for whatever. Never really made out with a girl so that woulda been a nice little score for me. To me the girl was looking like an HB8, but actually might have been a little on the chub side, cute though maybe a 6. I was really attracted to the way she approached me, brought her up a few points in my eyes. There was just something blatantly sexual about everything she did, at least mad sexual undertones. Kinda hot just thinking about it. I guess that's what happens when a chick is into you, and isn't afraid to show it.

Sucks to have missed that opportunity but it was really a cool experience for me. I saw dudes everywhere failing miserably hard. And it was really obvious if you actually looked. My theory is that girls DO look. sh1t, that's ALL they do. They are watching as all these guys telegraph their fail. Somehow me just sitting in a chair all night was interesting to them. At least this one girl. It's like, I'm not like the other guys. If I wanna sit in a chair all night then I'll sit in a chair all night.

Cool stuff. Next time I'll make sure not to miss my shot.