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    Default HB 8 jewelry girl number close

    So i decide to do the MM newbie mission to increase my social skills. I only had an hour, so I decided to hit up the local mall.

    I had recently applied to a jewelry store so decided to go follow up on my ap.

    Walking into the store i notice a new face amongst the roster of female employees. She was an easy HB8. The other two employees were busy with other customers so i called her over.

    We spoke about my application for 3 minutes till i changed the subject and asked her how she liked working for that company..with the answers she gave me I had good material to neg her about it. She had a great sense of humor and knew it was all in good fun.

    Dont remeber how we started talking about beauty but i ended up running the famouse MM beauty is very common line. She was speachless, the look she gave me was that of " lets do it " haha ok im farking with you..but she was indeed speachless after that line. I guess no ones ever explained it to her that way...

    after maybe 25min of interacting i gave myself a false time constraint. I told her i had a great time talking to her and that i wish there were a way to continue our interaction. She jumped to the opportunity and offered her number..

    1 hour, 1 set, 25 minutes, Number Close! Im noticing little by little the words are coming to me naturally...all in all, a great morning.

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    Default Re: HB 8 jewelry girl number close

    Sounds like good work bro! Good choice with the classic MM beauty is common there, it is pretty good- surely in a place like that I bet.

    So what's next, a 2nd interview? Haha

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