Saturday, April 21st

As I write this, Ace is sleeping across the room from me (Yes, we moved into a place together. I am no longer homeless. Whoop de doo!) and BenJ of ABC's fame naps upstairs (Yes, me, Ace, and BenJ all live in the same building. And yes, it's fucking awesome) as he waits for his late-night tryst to arrive. It has been an unusually crazy week, ranging from a massive brawl on Hollywood Boulevard to somebody threatening to throw me off of the roof of the W when I crashed his set. But tonight's field report is much more focused on the effects of persistence & utilizing social pressure/momentum in game. If you want to hear a FR about violence, bloodshed, or piss, go read 9Ball

Tonight there was a modeling event at the W. Cameras everywhere, models everywhere, tons of talent scouts and what-have-you. It was all very clique-ish, but as you can quickly learn from experimenting in field, cliques don't really mean shit. While the entire night was eventful, I am going to talk about only one set in particular. A set where I had to be extremely persistent. And it payed off.

I'm talking with Ace when I see a two-set on one of the outdoor couches. One of the two girls is absolutely adorable. The other one was maybe a 7.5. Not bad, but nothing in comparison to my target. As I go in, the 7.5 stands up and leaves. Great; Looks like I won't even need a wing.

I introduce myself and sit down. Me and my girl start connecting instantly and effortlessly. She's gorgeous and she looks about 26, but there is something about her that makes her come across as very worldly and genuine. I've never talked to a girl quite like this before. She states her interest in me several times, but also seems reserved for some reason. When I ask her about it, she says that I'm way too young for her. This confuses me, as she doesn't look much older than me at all. I tell her to guess my age. She says 22, which I confirm. When I ask her how old she is, she says shes THIRTY SEVEN FUCKING YEARS OLD.

Now, I've seen a lot of shit in field. I've had my life threatened, been picked up by bouncers, and attacked by angry boyfriends. It's pretty hard to faze me at this point. But I CHOKED because this girl looked not a day over 28.

In order to compensate for the age difference, I talk about my ambitions, financial security, etc. Obviously, if she's that old and I'm that young, she is going to want to see that I know where I'm headed with my life before she commits to seeing me again.

We chat some more, and when I go to close her, she says she can't, as I'm too young. I can tell she really wants to, but the societal conditioning that she's been subjected to about age and dating can't be broken that easily. Still slightly shocked by her age, and mentally off-balance, I eject. Bad Protégé.

About 10 minutes later I come hang out with her more and chat her up. I do a cold read on her; I tell her that I can sense that there's someone in her life that she's had trouble with recently, and I tell her the personality traits that I believe this person has. When I ask her who that sounds like, she says her ex-boyfriend who she just broke up with. We chat more, and after conversing with the other 2 people there and winning them over (HB 7.5 and a new guy who is pretty cool) I go for the number again. No dice.

FUCK. This girl is witty, interesting, smart, and fucking gorgeous. WHY does she have to care about age?
I go consult BenJ and Ace, and let them know what's up with the set. I come up with a fucking ridiculous plan. Taking BenJ's cell phone, I turn it off. I put my own cell phone (still on) in my pocket. My plan is to tell her that I'm looking for my friends to leave, to tell her that “my” cell phone (BenJ's turned-off phone) is dead, ask to borrow hers, call myself from her phone, and then pull out my REAL cell phone, presenting her with it and my best “gotcha!” face. Needless to say, this plan falls to shit. Read on:

As soon as I go up and ask to borrow her phone, it's obvious that it's a ploy, because I'm laughing my ass off. Ooops. I playfully point out that she'll regret not staying in touch with me, which she agrees too. I turn to the last option that I can think of: Social influence. I ask “the panel” (her two friends) what they think of us as a couple, and whether or not we should stay in touch. They said we were an amazing couple and should definitely stay in touch. This final push of encouragement was all that she needed. We swapped numbers.

Normally, if I got so much resistance from a girl, I would just move on to the next set. After all, we're supposed to have an abundance mindset, right? But, rules exist so that we know when to break them, and this girl brought a ton of value into my night, provided excellent conversation, and was completely fucking adorable.


Girls are hawt, be persistent, use social pressure to your advantage.

Hugs & Eskimo kisses,