I'll keep this short.

Walked in a longisland, NY club. circled around for 2 mins spotted an HB8.
Basicly I asked if she's having a good time(opener)
then asked her if shes from the carrebean she said "no I'm from here"
already u can see that I'm off from a boring start. She was smiling the whole time. I touched her a lot and she didn't reject it at all seems like she liked it. Some how she dropped the kids bomb on me and she said she has a babysitter at home watching them. and some how she ended up saying that her babysitter is her fiance. I had no control over the convo. next thing you know she pulled out her phone showing me her kids and her fiance. All that while projecting that she's interested. Then found out she was 30 something. I'm only 21 lol but I wouldn't mind her she's cute.
Later on I opened another set by a bar so the opener came pretty easily. I wasn't interested but I asked a question and they just wouldnt shut up and I closed and got a number but they weren't attractive so I don't feel accomplished.

Third one. Blonde girl standing by her self. could be an HB9. I just saw her rejecting every single guys lol.
Don't remember my opener but she was shutting me down the whole time while still coming back like playing hard to get. I really didn't talk about much except for the boring where you from and trying to bring up something about the club environment. She ended up still my gum and got nothing out of it.
Later on I was walking by she grabbed my arm. But I told her to let me go cause she shut me down earlier. I purposely rejected her so I could try to come back up to her later on hopefully she'd be more into it but she desapeared.
I need to find out about stronger topics for night clubs because my convo's have been very weak and they always seem on the verge of collapsing.
If you have any ideas. Check a Fellow.