Uh yep, not sure a better way to put it haha. I'm not particularly proud of this either, but more tryin to look back to wat happened after the fact - which in short is I didn't do anything up until the k- close

I wasn't runnin game, routines, kino, none of that. Went out with my homegirl on Thursday, who has a pretty large circle of friends aka social proof.

We met up, and ended up hoppin a few bars with a group of
6 or 7. I actually was planning to pickup a different girl in our group, but she took off early (but I had enough time to dhv her a bit and had her laughin )

But this other girl, a coworker of my homegirl was there, and mentioned her bf in casual convo. I was really just interacting with her like the rest of the group, a friend. when a couple of the dudes started actin too drunk and AFC like, she sorta used me as a shield, which i was cool about. The girl was about a 6 or 7 so i just honestly didnt care or think anything of it.

then suddenly at the last bar we stopped at, she grabbed my arm and bounced me to a place down the street for one of her fav shots. She started askin more about me, findin commonalities, then gave me the 'doggy dinner-bowl look' so i went in. I was pretty tipsy by then so was just in the moment for a couple smoochers at the bar- from her bringing it on.

so there u have it, i didnt see it coming, or plan it, but she k closed me ha.

only thing that sux is she started looking guilty about it as i walked her to her cab, and started texting the bf. that in turn had me actin kinda afc sayin things like 'are u alright?' cuz she looked pretty stirred up at that time. so it ended a bit awkward.

But i learned somethin here, when they mention the bf. since i didnt ask, seem to care, or giving her any special attention, just some natural dhv's won her over i guess.

so i unintentionally proved how to bypass the bf card here. not a full close or anything, but as is it was a little surprising! any thoughts, inputs or opinions? id be down to hear em guys.

Happy gamins..