Went for an interview today down in town. The weather was absolutely beautiful today! Sparkling sky's, perfect amount of wind, and a great smell in the air from the blossoming trees. I left the house two hours early so i could get a little sarging in before i had to leave for the interview. I parked my car a few blocks away from the college (not OSU) and started walking down the block. I don't do bars, i don't like the atmosphere and I do not like alcohol in general so I've got to find more creative ways to meet women. Last night while i was sleeping i came up with his opener, that i used on two women i met coming the opposite way on the side walk.
The first woman i noticed while i was crossing the street, she was an HB8 from my original glance at here. I immediately looked down and took a long hard stair at my watch while walking towards her. As I'm looking at my watch, I almost let her pass by and then " accidentally " Notice her and say " Hello, excuse me, do you happen to have the time? Apparently my watch has stopped working." I smile, keeping an open body language, showing the palm of my right hand. She was a beautiful older woman, I'd say late to mid 30's.
" No, I'm sorry I don't " She was looking for her watch on her sexy thin arm that didn't exist.
" Well, that's a shame! I'm supposed to meet a few buddies in a few minutes down the street, or at least I thought in a few minutes, and i just realized I don't even know what time it is!" I thought up this line ahead of time to create dhv and simultaneously give a time restraint of sorts.
" Wait, actually I think i do have the time" She starts to bring up her purse, fidgeting threw it, looking for a phone apparently.
"That is a relieve" I said. " Because a friend of mine owes me a lap dance, and he is going to be with my other buddies, and i want his cracker ass to pay up!" I smile as i say this to her, and she has a good laugh. At this time i started looking for something on her body to Neg her slightly about. That is when i noticed the ring on her left hand. This was my first approach all day so i decided to end the conversation there.
I turned the corner to the right, then turned the corner at the end of the block and notice another HB8.5 at least. She had blonde hair a nice body, much better looking then the last girl i talked to. I run the bad watch opener on her and again, like the last girl, she was very compliant, and helpful.
" yes i can" she says. " The time is 2:30 ". She turns to walk away again, and that is when i threw another line I had thought up before hand to DHV.
" I just bought this damn watch too! I was at the Polaris mall with my friends last weekend and payed 200 dollars for it!" I had actually payed only 100 dollars for it, but she couldn't really see my watch and she probably couldn't tell anyway.
" Oh my God! No you didn't?" she said, turning her body back around to face me.
" Yeah, i bought it in fossil! WhatEVER you do, don't buy a fossil watch!"
She had a good laugh at this. What a great smile. She looked at her watch again. It was a very classy, silver watch, and probably expensive. I cant remember what she was trying to convey to me, but basically I had hooked her. Of course that is when i blew it. I couldn't hear what she was saying, so i leaned in and put my hand behind my left ear like a AFC and said " excuse me, what was that?" It didn't seem to bother her and she continued. As she was speaking, I went in with the neg I had came up with randomly on the spot. " Whats with the glasses?" I said, pointing to her sun glasses. " Party to much on Saturday?" I smiled, looking into her eyes.
" Its sunny out." She said. She smiled, and i realize now that I should have called her out on it by saying something like " Sure, any good excuse will do!" But she had me, i didn't know what to say and she turned and walked away. Only now do i realize that it was Monday today, and not Sunday! As she walked away, a smile of accomplishment grew on my face, and it lasted all day, just because i spent less then five minutes talking with that beautiful woman. I snapped my finger and went to the interview.