So went sarging with a fellow PUA from this site. Great guy, knows his game, not scared to do approches...We decided to hit the local out door mall here in Orange CA, called the block. Opened a few sets, I personally did not Number Close anyone, wingman 1 number close.

The mall was filled with teen's so we decided to hit up down town fullerton..thats where the fun began..(Im 20 he's 19). So we hit the strip at exactly 9:46pm, already HB's as far as the eye can see. HBs dressed in skimpy but very sexy outfits, that some lucky guy may rip apart like a savage beast that night(the bar scene is insane). I guess in a sense we were bar hopping XD, approaching almost every group of girls we can...

Saw a group of 2, HB7 and an HB8.5...the wing took the 7 i took the 8..(great wing btw) both of us numebr closed!! continue our bar hopping opening sets with "were new to the area any great bars/ clubs you guys recommend" best part
HB:were going to this great bar right now you guys should come (IOI'S)
ME: awe you know what we just came from there, it was pretty dead..but let me get your number and we can meet up later(almost every other set had to pull this line)tonight ;]...Number close!

My wing, was on a roll..already at 3 number closes while i was only at 2...I had to do something so i Tried to open a pretty entoxiacted HB8 to just to told to fark off!!

We must have opened at least 20 something sets that night...fianal score me:3 wing:4

all in all great finally turing 21 next monday may 7. looking to go sarging that will be looking for some wings to go out with...great night! looking to fark this HB8.5 next weekend if my text game comes threw! not my best field