So i was with a bunch of friends. And one of the guys i was with seen a girl he knew and spoke to her (It was his sisters friend). The whole time i never got introduced and i didnt introduce myself. When all my friends left the train, it was just me and her so i didnt even use a opener i just started convo pulled out a little dhv and built a little rapport, had her laughing smiling and playing with her hair, found out that she was my friends sisters friend lol. Then regular conversation and she asked my name (ioi) and we exchanged phone numbers. Now she got off the train as soon as we finished exchanging numbers got a hug bye and i told her SEE her soon. Now my question is: When do i text her ? And what would be the best opener to use ? i was thinking in 2 days and i would use the (Do you like techno/house music? and then tell her im going to a club and tell her time and date, not invite tell her to come.)