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    Default Kino 30 Girls Project: Jay 5 of 30

    (I sent this yesterday but it doesn't look like the abq group got it.)

    It's Friday and Breeze and I are out after a long hiatus on my part. We have
    been bouncing from spot to spot and are headed to Maloney's where we were earlier in the night. I saw three girls waiting in line and one had a ridiculous ass. Her waist was tiny and her ass looked like she was smuggling two basketballs. Not the prettiest girl but her body is something special.

    Since we don't wait in line at Maloney's I went and invited them in with us. We skipped to the front of the line and in we went. As it turns out Breeze knew one of the girls so that was a plus. No need for openers we went into standard conversation. After a brief while I told my target that we were going to have some fun and suggested we play slap, marry, screw (fark, marry, kill) and I did her first and it was quite a riot. She invited the 5th wheel to play and the "wheel" acted all weird. It was her turn to do me but when she told the wheel we were gonna take a walk major resistance again.

    I figured the easiest thing to do would be to go into the cube which went well and I let her spill all kind of info about herself . While we did the cube I
    went in for some light Kino and I swear the wheel started looking at my hands. I did cube the wheel in an attempt to Disarm her but she was still on duty when we went to dance.

    Anyway, we had some girls that we were planning to bounce back to the Casa so I number closed her and we'll see what happens. Again, no spectacular sarges for a while but one is coming soon I promise.

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    Default Re: Kino 30 Girls Project: Jay 5 of 30

    Sounds like a good set, and I like ur goal there. Set a goal and go for it!

    Game on..

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