Live and learn, that's the best I could say for this one ah.

Last weekend I went to meet some friends at a college bar, for a going away party. My friend that's leavin never made it, but that's irrelevant.

I walked in solo, found my other homie playing hacky sac (ya it was a college bar alright) with some random group, so I jumped in. A HB8 magneted towards me, so started Fluff talk, as I commented on her karate style hacky sac kicks hehe.

I broke down how they know eachother, then guessed (cold-read) wat she does, sayin hey I bey your a sociology major at the college nearby, because you seem a bit shy but you are social and you seem to sense what people are like. She blushed, twirled her hair, and said 'well I'm studying human-development.' Whoa that's pretty close! I said I liked some of those classes back in school. (I graduated in 09).

To sum it up it all went well from there, a barrage of IOIs. But when we all took a break I went back inside to snag a beer, the group was gone when I got back. Dang! I had this one on lock, shoulda just told them I was comin back. There musta been an exit in the back I didn't know about, but still surprised they were leavin so soon. Gotta be wise to that stuff I guess.

So a helpful cold read, but logistics failed me. Got some missed one-itis from that, but I am gonna keep the cold read in my back pocket some more. Just a stupid ending from a pretty slick pickup I had goin, but movin forward now.

Game on..