I just got back from deployment (military) from Okinawa, Japan. There were not enough guys there and the language barrier was pretty hard, so I didn't really get anywhere.. but I tried!

We went out to the mall area. I approached girls with questions I really didn't need to answer to like "Hey I'm just visiting, what's the best place to eat around here?" Most of them just spoke Japanese, but the ones who spoke English were way more cautious than American girls. We eventually went to a bar and just drank a little. I started hitting on the female staff just because they seemed to be the only ones there. Around the entrance area, there was a DJ and 3 girls working to pull in customers. I approached the DJ first and just talked about music, not making eye contact with the girls. It seemed comfortable after about 5 minutes, so I started chatting with the girls. The first one didn't speak English, so I turned to the second one. "Do you speak English" "Yes, some" "Then you can be our translator, kay? " "haha okay."

I just asked them questions about their lives and the area, I don't have too many routines yet so I'm just trying to get better with natural game and feeling comfortable and confident speaking with strangers.

After a little while, I see a procession of students wearing stylistic uniforms and holding up banners on poles. It wasn't a protest, it was more of a procession. I had to take a picture, so I leaped up and bolted in front of them to snap one off. The "translator" comes bolting after me wondering why I ran away, and I pointed at the procession and asked about it. Her description seemed kind of unclear, but she said they were high school students.

I didn't press any of them for Number Close or anything because I was leaving in two days, but it was a good time.

Back in SD, my goal is to talk to 10 female strangers a day!