Hello gang,

Guess I'll start off with my club experience this past weekend. I went out with a buddy to a local hotspot. It wasn't overly busy, but there were some attractive women in the venue. Looking back I drank too much before and during, which is something I will fix moving forward. Anyways, here's to how it went:

Was approached by a HB9.5 selling tickets for a charity raffle. I know she was only doing this because she was selling, but I used it as an opportunity for practice. Leaned back, threw in a couple negs. She smiled and responded well. She then left, but came back about 10 minutes later just to say hi. Nothing came of it after that.

My friend and I were approached by a HB8 coming off the dance floor. She opened both of us and was friendly. She later came back to find us and took us to dance. Again, saw her a few other times, but nothing came of it.

Opened a two-set sitting down, just for the sake of approaching. They seemed happy to be approached as they looked bored. Chatted for a few minutes, then I left with a "pleasure meeting you, have a good night".

Overall, some decent practice, but I didn't try to # close any of the ladies. Going out tomorrow night and probably one other night this weekend and my plan is to approach 5-10 girls per night, and go for some # closes.

Wish me luck!