Finally started a regiment for daygame. 3 times a week. 5 throwaway openers. I started with compliment openers, tried one opinion openers.

1. Approached 2 women selling green tea stuff. Bantered with both of them. Nothing really worth mentioning. Did a couple compliment openers. Everything largely went well.

2. Opened a girl (who turned out to be a salesgirl) with a compliment opener. She was cute as hell too. Bantered a little, but didn't get much response. I enticed her attention with a $40 certificate that I was intent on spending, so she and I went on a hunt for what I could find for $40 or less (not much at that store). She was on the job, so anyone have any good techniques for girls working in sales?

3. Opened a cute black girl in a black dress. Soon as I opened, she started investing right away. Gentle banter, then she told me to walk her to the food court. Unfortunately I complied right away. Probably should have shown more resistance. On the way we kept flirting, and she asked me for my facebook. I made her say please before I divulged. At the end, I number closed and left. Two sticking points, as I see it.

First, I needed to show less compliance and flip the frame on her. This girl took me by surprise, so anyone have any good techniques to get used to flipping the frame on girls like this?
Second, shoulda made plans for coffee or something after the Number Close. Now she doesn't have a real reason to follow up. (Doesn't really matter though, I wasn't after any results today). Still, number close is always fun.

4. Opened a 3 set with an opinion opener. For those of you who listen to the Daygame Podcast, it's Yad's opinion opener in the 2nd podcast. The opener went well enough. I'll need to work on transitioning from the opener topic onto other topics. When two guys approached who were with the girls, I might have seemed a little nervous. I talked to them too, shook hands, but ejected pretty soon.
Anyone have any tips on good ways for handling guys who join the set, especially an AMOG?