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    Default Have Harp, Will Travel

    Okay, so there is this girl I met at the Sprint Store a couple weeks back when I took my phone in to get it repaired after the touch screen died. She was a really sweetie and she gave plenty of subtle ioi's and I went ahead and asked her for her # and got it.

    I didn't have a whole lot of time over the last couple weeks cause of work commitments to take her out but she hit me up on Friday and I figured WTH even though I had other plans.. a sure date and hook up beats sarging. Clearing out the backlog of unseduced chicks I've met. lol

    Anyway. We started in a crappy little bar down the block from my house with a buddy of mine and his wife and we started out having a good time when my friend suggested Karaoke at another bar we usually hang out at. I love karaoke nights because my buddy will sing and I back him up on harp and I always wind up a rock star for the night.

    So we get over there and at first I was kinda like "damn" because the place was packed with hotties. It was easily 2:1 ratio and at first I was thinking it would've been fun to come out alone and just pick up, but well. That's how it goes sometimes.

    Me and my dude get up and do our thing and there as this table with a 3 set in front of the stage. None of them uglier than a 7. The whole bar is cheering my playing and these girls were the loudest of them all. So afterward I get off the stage to high fives and compliments. I head over to their table and start chatting them up. They were just all over me with IOI's. Well after a few minutes the DJ plays a slow song between Karaoke sets and girl I was with comes up to me and pulls me away from the table to dance with her.

    So we're dancing and she's full of smiles and giggles and asks me about "my groupies". I told her that "If you want to keep me around, you're going to have to compete with women like that all the time."

    She said "Please. I'll come home with you tonight and show you there is no contest."

    So about 12 we get done and head out and we come back to my place and just basically fell into bed. We didn't get out of that bed until 3pm this afternoon. Screwed my day up a bit, but damn.. what is a player to do when the piece is laying there open and ready for whatever you want to do to her.

    She was a wild woman. Screwed me 3 ways from Sunday. It was definitely a crazy night. I was left breathless and well sated no doubt about it!

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    Default Re: Have Harp, Will Travel

    Way to go, Silicon!

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