Title has nothing to do with anything.


Did a house party on Saturday. 6 guys, 2 girls. Fuck competition.

Still chatted up the females. I talk very fast at a pace and conversation level I'm comfortable with, but I think this is ineffective. The first girl had the attention of all the dudes. I captivated social dominance but still probably not the AMOG, probably beta #2 tbh. Biggest mistake was submitting when a guy said 'ay put down that video game (case)'. Should have made eye contact briefly, then brought eye contact back to the person I was talking to without saying a word or reacting much at all.

Talked to a buck-toothed chick. Had the audacity to say 'Whatever you're trying isn't going to work' I had to bite my tongue from saying 'Yeah okay, bucky. Like I would fuck you.' Instead I said 'I was just talking silly.' And turned my back on her pretty much for the rest of the night. She tried to neg me later when I made an intentionally ignorant statement, turned around, patted her on the leg and said "that's called sarcasm sweetie".

The other chick was really chill, but wasn't into me - especially because she captivated all the males in the room and she was genuinely smart - knows game. Wasn't really into her anyways, so didn't mind.

Epic conversation on the patio with a buddy about nature and reality was honestly the highlight of the night.


Tonight I chatted up a girl working at the movies. When her bosses came by I said "don't worry - I'm forcing this connection. She's doing her best to nudge me away " I felt the need to neutralize her discomfort towards her bosses about talking to me, perhaps I should've just brought them into the conversation. Not sure. Anyways, I asked her out. Said she could think it over while I was in the movies.

"I get off at 8:30"

Leave the movies at 7:55.
"Hey where's so-and-so at"
"She got off shift a little while ago"


Filled the void with strippers. Had a blast, but strippers so expensive -_-a

Got one strippers number but she made it obvious she liked me but was into someone else. Other stripper I didn't ask for her number, but kind of asked her out. Said "When I'm back in San Diego I'm coming back here for that ass."

Bleh. Fun night all in all. Genuine social confidence rising with my growing experience. Number closes, no dates yet.