I went to this club to check how it was. I was alone and stayed a while pretending waiting for people, looking at the DJ.
I see a set of three, two girls and a guy, one of the girls is 7. I said to myself, there is a beginning to everything and decide to go for it...
Since I stayed there too long I think (10 min) I leave to get rid of my coat and on my way back I decided to open with an adaptation of "the jealous girlfriend".
I get in, go strait to pass the girl, stop, turn around like if I just notice her and tells her 'let me ask you a question ...'
It append she doesn't understand French (I'm in Geneva, Switzerland) I have to repeat the question to the others for translation and start a dialogue. Difficult part for me, I had no social proof, I didn't found what to say to dhv ... then, running out of conversation, I propose her a visit of the city and get the NC. I don't know if I should have been going right away? I stayed talking one more minute. I think it was a mistake, what do you think?

The next day, I'm not confident, and I prepare my call by sending first a text: "We will be visiting Geneva as no tourist will ever do. I want you to discover the city through my eyes."
She answered by a text. I called explained how will be the visit. Since I had no social proof when we met, I decide to find good reasons to take her to see friends (nice view there, connection for an exceptional visit).
It worked very well.
Actually I didn't show her anything of the city, we ended at the Nautical. I delivered routines 'Good energy is rare', 'incredible connection', and on the way back, with good music on the car stereo, I deliver 'Role-play Marriage'.
Finally I can get her to qualify herself. Time is over, I could not get to the KC.

I'm astonished of efficacy of routines. I don't know where to find example of routines that helps in comfort phase. Can you advise me where can I find any routines?