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    Cool Day Game with Wolverine

    Today I set off to the snazzier part of town to meet some naturopath hipster girls while buying groceries at Whole Foods, which typically has a good supply of attractive women. Today, however, I did not notice any immediate IOIs from any of them, and being unsure of how to start a conversation that was not contrived(think telemarketting), I bought some mouthwash(always an essential tool) and proceeded to the nearby mall, which is also crawling with HBs.

    I walked around there for a while, with the intent in mind of chatting up some HBs and researching ways to improve my PUA style, which needs some work.

    This particular mall is full of women's stores, so tends to be very target rich while almost completely absent of AMOGs and Obstacles.

    At this point in time, I'm more confident about the idea of approaching a lone female than a group including men and women without a suitable pretext. (Maybe this is the AFC talking, but I don't think that opening a large set with an anecdote, a magic trick, and a time constraint would necessarily fit my style)

    Finally seeing a store that carried some, but not all, men's clothes, I went in and pretended to look around. Luckily, the single clerk present was a total HB9 and she was super friendly. (I know that this is her job, but bear with me.)

    Wolverine: So there's a FEW guys things in here, right?(Gestures to corner where non pastel colors are hanging)
    I look HB in the eyes. She is staring back and seems somewhat attracted. I have an extremely deep voice and a good posture, so this helps.

    HB9: Oh, yeah!(enthusiastic)
    I am looking her dead in the eye. HB does not look away very much, pupils dilated.

    I notice a slight beat of hesitation in the HB's speech. She's TRYING to say the right thing, the cool thing, if only by a little bit.

    HB points to all the areas with men's clothes. I thank her and turn away like I'm a nice, warm alpha but not particularly drawn to HB.

    HB keeps talking, more than I think is necessary. I look at the various overpriced ugly clothes for a second, letting her try to keep up a conversation while I give positive, but one word polite answers.

    I sense that staying longer would make my presence lose some value and charisma.

    Wolverinelooks HB in the eye again. HB holds more eye contact.) Well, this isn't quite what I'm looking for, but I hope you have a good shift.

    Wolverine is walking out.

    HB9: (calls at me enthusiastically) Thanks, you too!

    I turn back over my shoulder and grin at her, still walking.

    HB9: Oh...well I meant-

    Wolverine: (laughs) Haha it's okay. Well see you.

    HB9: See you.

    I'm sure that with more experience I could have taken this interaction farther. It was just me and the brunette HB in an empty store on Tuesday. But I left on a great note where my value is slightly higher than hers.

    I plan to drop back into that store again on another Tuesday, probably next week, so she doesn't forget me, and try on a pair of the ugly jeans. I can engage her in a bigger conversation then, and ask her why she folds jeans for a living, in some form or fashion.

    If done properly, this will lower her value a little bit more. Then I will ask her what she would do if she could have any job she wanted, and let her show her interesting side and qualify herself to me. Once she does that, I will Number Close and move on.

    Later this same day I went to the optometrist to get a contact lense prescription, to eliminate my eyeglasses.

    I gamed the hell out of the optometrist, who was surprisingly cute.

    While she examined my eyes, we talked back and forth(like normal) about jobs and careers and so forth. Then I went a little deeper with her, forcing her(subtly) to prove to me that optometry was interesting enough to make a career of, and in the process she wound up telling me a lot about herself, like how she was fascinated by all things biology, moved there from Memphis, TN, and other things.

    Even though it was an eye appointment, I gave a true time constraint by letting her know that I had an appointment across town that I had to get to.

    She asked me what it was, and I told her I was learning Italian.(dhv) It seemed to roll off her without affect, and I couldn't figure out why.

    Later she asked me again when I had to be somewhere.

    HB Optometrist: Where did you have to be? Dinner? (...Wow. HB thought I said eating Italian food. ...Wow.)

    Wolverine: No, I have an Italian lesson.(DHV)

    HB Optometrist: Oh, wow! (Throughout appointment, I have had a LOT of really good eye contact with Optometrist, but now she is really looking at me)

    HB Optometrist asks me about how I am learning Italian. I tell her briefly about Rosetta Stone, and how cool it is. (I keep it short and sweet. No one wants a monologue. The point is that HB knows that Wolverine is privy to some cool stuff)

    HB Optometrist: (Fluffs about how cool that is) Then says: What made you interested in learning Italian?(IOI)

    Wolverine: I'm doing it as research for the novel I'm writing.(DHV. For the record, everything I told the HB was true.)

    HB Optometrist: You're just full of fascinating things! (Major IOI)

    Eye exam is done. I walk out into front of eye store with HB, who fluffs with me about the genre of my novels and keeps up the ramped up eye contact.

    From here, I lost a little opportunity, but it's not beyond repair. HB Optometrist handed the paperwork off to Ugly Clerk who starts checking me out.

    HB Optometrist looks me in the eye. Her pupils are huge(IOI) even though I'm the one who just had mine dilated. lol

    HB Optometrist: Well, it was SO nice meeting you! (When you're in the moment, you can sense these things, and I know that HB Optometrist wants me to do SOMETHING, but we are in her public place of business in front of her coworkers. Gents, this is when I should have done a very simple thing. Hand shake. The hand shake could have had a sensual quality that would be invisible to the coworkers, while getting her thinking WHILE keeping her plausible deniability. But I froze up and did not. HB Optometrist reluctantly returns to back of store. Wolverine walks out.

    Minus the missing kino handshake, this went Great. My strategy from here has two components: In a week, I have to go back to pick up my contacts. Hopefully, I can run some game on HB Optometrist then. If not, I was very sure to tell HB Optometrist and coworkers "I'm around here all the time."

    I like bookstores, and there is one right next to vision store in little strip mall. I'll pop by from time to time, and eventually run into the HB when she goes on lunch or something. Chipotle's is right there too, which is easily where she might eat. If I run into her sometime outside the doors of her job, I think I could easily escalate to some good kino and number close, which would be a solid # close, since it's during the day and she had that grown woman vibe.

    Gents, thanks for reading. Now if you please, pick this bad boy apart and tell me everything I might have done wrong. I'm eager for some feedback.

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    Default Re: Day Game with Wolverine

    Hey sounds like u AMOG'ed it pretty good there man ha. I've def had a few moments like that in the mall where it went well but I never went for it, which doesn't matter either way rite.
    With the clothes store girl since u had ioi's, u might as well have flirted some more then just ask her to lunch or something, no need to IOD her at that time I think.

    With the lens store girl, it's good u get to go back and pickup the lenses and possibly see her again, if she's not there hopefully u charmed the place enough for them to mention her when ur back.
    It probably woulda been funny to say then, or next time, 'so when will I see u again' pun intended haha. With ios and the dhv's u had goin that could b
    Probably seal the deal.

    Hope that helps man, cheers.

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