So skipping all the little details. I hooked up with this chic from POF. She has a man and according to her it really didnt matter.

Anyway we are at my place and at some point the dude calls her. They are currently having a long distance relationship, and after the call she tells me how he cant seem to handle having an "open relationship". Anyway since I been there I mention how it could be insicurity cause he can't handle having a prett girl and could be fear of losing her blah blah blah.

Anyway the night leads to sex and afterwards I take her home. Today I text her friend and she begins cussing me out because apparently she was crying and said Inmade her uncomfortable, and I talked shit about her fiance who she loves (right) and all sorts of crap. I get pissed because I dont see how she was uncomfortable, when she was having a blast having fun with me and said she wanted more afterwards. Anyway, I cut this lose cause who knows how crazy this girl is but what gives???