I will decided to start posting my adventures to see where I need my improvement and hopefully get advice from you gentlemen. If it seems all over the place it's cause I'm still somewhat drunk from last night by the way lol. Here we go!:

Began this journey really not too long ago. I feel beyond excited about this entire thing but feel I am missing the mark somehow.

Went out last night with the fellas and eventually it became a solo adventure because they love the dance floor and I don't (something I need to improve on).

I realized that approaching/opening is not much of a problem for me but has plenty of room for improvement. I just feel I need guidance from someone who is experienced.

Anyway, I did a few approaches to include utilizing the "would you have sex with jesus" routine. It worked well but the chic was plain boring and eventually I can't deal with wasting my time.

As the night wore on I became more ballsy. I see this solid 8 standing near me with these chodes who clearly were her male girlfriends. I mean these guys are bringing her drinks and all sorts of crap, pathetic. She gives me the eye and I decide to pull Cajun's style of opening a girl and it works but as soon as this begins her sissy friends get all aggressive trying to protect her for no reason. I try and befriend these fools and the first 2 begin to buy into it when suddenly my friend shows up and starts protecting me pushing these fools away and it gets out of hand. I try and squash it and the girl tells me my boy messed up for me. I eject a bit butt hurt but whatever my boy was looking out for me so I can't hate.

As the night goes on I get a girl who tried to play me to buy me a drink and next thing you know she is all into me. It was fun but I felt like I was cheating myself out of the experience of learning so I eject.

Approached a mixed set and girl tells me she has a man. I was like whatever tried pushing further but she was not having it.

There was a gorgeous solid 9 walking around with glasses that my boy also noticed. At this point I'm like fuck it and I'm sniping girls around all over the place and getting kisses from random women. I see the 9 standing with some chump and I walk by her. When I just pass her I stop look over my shoulder and she is staring at me. I say "Hey, you look like you are a fun girl, take my hand!" she takes it and I spin kiss this girl. She is laughing her ass off and kiss me. Other girls see this and more spining, more kisses the night went well but no Number Close.

Eventually we roll out and I'm playing game on girls outside. Dudes are coming up to me complimenting the way I'm dressed and saying I'm the best dressed dude at the bar. Girls really noticed my fedora hat (best 170 I've spent in a while).

The night pretty much finishes with me going to a pizza joint across the street and I ran into a mixed set of 2 girls/2 dudes I have spoken to briefly early in the evening. The cutest one; solid 7 starts talking to me and I spin kiss this girl and then her friend. She is into me when suddenly one of the guys I was with grabs me and tells me we gotta go. Whatever had to eject cause we had an hour drive back to JVille.

Self Assessment: Peacoking is covered. Opening I'm fairly good at but needs improvement. Transitioning needs lots of work. Need to drink less. Need to escalate physically a lot faster. Overall I will give myself decent points for effort and willingness to learn but I have a long way to go. These are all college girls so I feel they are very different from the girls I am used to. Also, these are really loud bars and I find it hard to escalate without using words which is really difficult for me.

Anyway, that's my first report and I will post more tomorrow more than likely because it's a long weekend with plenty of single college girls out there. Bring on the advice gents!