Please forgive my rushed typing; I do this quickly while the facts are still fresh.

Ok. A lot to report. I went to ultimate frisbee with some friends to find a surprisingly large group there. At some point the girls arrived and they were way more good looking than I expected. These particular friends are MAJOR afcs. When they walked on the field i teased them. "Are they any good at frisbee?" One pretended to be offended by me saying so. The hottest one, a tall blonde girl seemed perpetually dissinterested and bored. I teased, asked if she was a cheerleader, sat she was an alpha female(because she was so much taller), and then gave her high fives if she actually caught something. When not teasing or congratulating I completely ignored her. I tried heartily not to even look at her. When the game finally ended I saw Ashley, a redhead whose face was flushed was talking to another guy. I sat down, joined the chat, and eventually her two girlfriends joined us. (at some point the guy left, i didn't even notice) I didn;t Fluff much and withheld any praise or nodding or appeasing of any kind unless they actually said something interesting. I used my chest voice and only said things that didn't quite fit in the conversation. "How long have you two known eachother?" So that whatever they were blabbing about got cut off, not rudely, but teasingly. I said that I could tell they were longtime friends (sisters acutally) because they looked at eachother before they replied. (By the way, this test has been accurate so far.) Once I explained this BF test, i had thier full attention and decided to run the cube test. Everyone around was loud and didn't really seem to concentrate. We laughed about it and I demanded (playfully) that they pay attention. After the cube test I explained what each thing meant and the fun ensued. They loved it! Especially the horse. She said that the horse was ON TOP of the cube, and I said that means she sees her lovers as above her. After that the other girls wanted to say thier answers and when I said I knew another one, they all wanted a chance to try it. At some point I placed my hand on Redheads leg (we were sitting indian style) and she reciprocated the Kino INSTANTLY. Eye contact. Smile. She had black eyeliner. Its only now I realize how much I love redheads. Damn. Anyway After the personality tests I terminated the conversation ( i thought it was an organic moment but still left on a high note) I've noticed that when I terminate a conversation or excuse myself, I appear less needy. Perhaps I'm imagining that though. Me the girls and a bunch of guys were supposed to meet at In n Out, so i left for in n out. Before I went they asked me to come up with some more tests for them. I chose the love test, which is very much like the cube test. (Note too many close your eyes type routines in one evening get boring. make each thing more fun than the last.)

Here's where the evening went down hill. None of the guys showed. I was in my car and on the phone when the girls arrived and went inside so I had to follow them. When I walked in to In N Out the redhead saw me. Her side was facing me. She didn't turn but just looked. THe other girls didn't turn thier whole bodies around just thier heads to say hello. I said you don't have the guys with you? They said no. I scrunched my nose and said so I just have to hang out with you guys? She sort of laughed and said does that make you feel awkward.
Thats when I made a mistake. Full eye contact, she could tell I was stopping myself from saying something. "Awkward" was the word that shook me for some reason. I smiled dumbly and finally said, gently, "Nah.." The words I stopped myself from saying were "Yeaaa I think I should go..." or "Yea you're creeping me out a little...", which really were the right things. A cute Neg, perfect for the situation. Oh well.
So they ordered, again I'm standing behind them mentally scolding myself, knowing I made a goof. I stuck around to see if I could recover. We sat, me and three girls, and It was as though the energy had evaporated on the car drive over. (We drove separately btw) They talked about some personal drama I knew nothing about. I attempted the love test (Picked this one on my own if you don't know it ask), but I forgot all the questions and was half way through the story before realizing that I had no idea how to explain the answers. So I cut it short after a lot of uuuuummmmm and hhhhhmmmm let me think. I did my best to explain the interpretation. There was no magic. The hotty answered her phone and it was her dad, who she assured that she was leaving soon. This was my cue. Like I said, if possible I excuse myself instead of waiting around for her to want to leave. I control when myself in her presence, and she may follow if she likes. It was definitly not a high emotional point, but I'd much rather not be the guy who hung on them all night needing attention. I got up, said I was tired and it was a pleasure to meet them. Polite responses, no attempt at a hug, I threw away my food, left. As a got to my car, I evidently scared the two (hot) women i heard her shout out, startled. They Laughed. I smiled, shook my head and said (to thier closed pasenger window) "It's just a parking lot, relax!" "......huh?" was thier response. "...huh?" is MY response now. I got in the car put on music, drove home and started to pick the evening apart.
I think I just had no confidence after the park, because I had no material after the openers I ran. I could have come up with something interesting, BUT I wanted to stick to something I knew would make them attracted to me.
Was this fluff time?
They werent looking to me as the core of discussion when we sat down, was I supposed to capture their attention all over again?
I'm just thinking now, apparently its about 8 hours before a woman will sleep with you, typically. I've really only started getting the swing of the first 20 minutes.
Now, these girls were too young to sleep with (i am 21 they were 15, 16ish), but I don't hesitate to sarge them anyway. Its fun, and easy because Im presumed to be in a position of power simply by being a grown ass adult. It's like training wheels. I take itty bitty steps, people.
Alsoo..I thought it was good to jump locations. Where did the magic go? Other than the lame response to the awkward question, what did I do (or not do) that lead to a fizzle? I will arm myself with a few more topics to follow up my opener so I can have longer dicussion where I can really show off who I am.
Any adivice anyone has is greatly appreciated. Forgive my poor grammar.