So last night was the first time I've legitimately gone out to clubs and sarged women. I went alone.

So I live in Nashville, TN. Not knowing where else to go, I headed down to Broadway where all the country music bars and clubs are.

I decided initially to only approach women who were alone, because it seemed less daunting. I went into a super crowded club and spotted a blonde HB7-8, leaning against the bar, facing out.

I approached and said "What's up?" To do this, I had to get pretty close.

She seemed pretty receptive, and smiled a lot(it was a genuine smile with teeth, not the closed mouth "I think you're a creepy douchebag" smile).

We ended up talking for a minute, which consisted of leaning in close and talking in each other's ears. There was some mutual kino pinging.

Basically the conversation was me asking her if she lived in Nashville. She told me that she was on vacation from Iowa, with her friend. I mentioned that I just moved here. I know-pretty dull. I'm definitely going to learn some routines and build up a list of go-to subjects.

I kind of lost her though, when the ridiculous crowd pressed in and smashed her into the bar, making her incapable of doing anything. She actually had to throw her head back to keep her face out of some guy's meaty shoulder.

I just stood there awkwardly, not quite knowing how to make use of the situation. I'm a little bit inexperienced with bars and clubs.

After that, her friend appeared, and they were leaving. She said "It was nice to meet you. Good luck in Nashville." I'm thinking that any conversation with a woman that ends in her saying "Good luck." Is not a good conversation. All in all, though, pretty decent for my first approach as an aspiring PUA.

I forced my way back through the club to the back room, where there was another stage. There were tons(okay, like 14, but the room wasn't that large.) of HBs there, and a few of them gave me eye contact, but I was unsure of how to proceed, because they were in two large sets, and none were alone.

There was one particularly beautiful HB that looked at me at least twice, but I just kept standing there for a few minutes. I didn't know how to approach her group.

I walked into another room and pounded down the rest of my beer. (I have a one beer per night rule. The goal is to be a paying customer so the club staff doesn't work against me, but not drink enough to become stupid.) After a few minutes, I was feeling a little bolder, and I returned to the back.

I met eyes with the HB8-9 again, and went straight in. Her body was oriented outward, so it wasn't that hard to just open her. When I got closer, I realized she wasn't very cute- she was mega ultra cute.

I used the same lame "What's up? Do you live in Nashville?" line. She was from Kentucky, having a bachelorette party with one of her friends."

I realized right away that there was a lot more attraction this time, in spite of my lame opener. She was staring into my eyes and was right up on me. Our bodies were touching and our faces were just a couple inches apart, when we weren't leaning in closer to talk in each other's ears.

I asked her what she did. She said she was in orthodontics, and pointed to her perfect teeth.

Trying to be interesting, I asked "Why orthodontics, why not something else, like a child doctor?"

She said she was in marketing, to which I replied, "Oh, you're a business girl."

She said "Yeah." and I told her what I did for a living, which I know is probably a lame thing to do, but i was just saying whatever came to mind.

After that, she asked me if I knew any good clubs on Broadway. I stood there like an idiot trying to remember which one my roommate had dragged me to that seemed pretty cool, but my mind went blank. I ended up telling her it slipped my mind.

I knew she wanted to kiss me, but she was in front of her friends, and I couldn't figure out how to solve that problem. In retrospect, maybe it wouldn't have mattered. Every indication was that she wanted to, but somehow I didn't feel like I'd escalated kino enough to make it natural.

I went for the Number Close, saying that Kentucky was not that far away, and pulled out my phone and told her to put her number in it. She told me that she had a boyfriend, and soon she was probably going to be the bachelorette at the bachelorette party. I don't think it was an excuse, I think it was true.

I ejected shortly after that, but as I left the club, she appeared behind me again, still giving massive IOIs. She basically walked behind me as I cut a way through the crowd, and at one point put her hand on my back when we got close to getting separated.

Once out of the club, I decided to just keep walking. I could hear her girlfriends saying something along the lines of 'That guy was really into you.', but it didn't sound negative at all.

I learned a valuable lesson:If a bar is so loud you have to get in people's ears to be heard, it can actually work to your advantage. If your target presents IOIs, you can direct approach and disregard the friends without being awkward, because it's impossible to communicate with them anyway. If the IOIs were genuine, you can quickly get up close and personal with an HB.

The next club I went to had three floors. On floor one, I noticed a girl get approached by this huge dude that was more than six and a half feet tall. I hung by the wayside for a second, trying to determine if they were friends or not. When a second giant dude appeared, it became clear that they were hitting on her.

She wasn't that attractive, HB5 at most, but I wanted to try a version of something Chris from RSD had mentioned on youtube.

I walked right up to her, cutting off the giant guys and ignoring them completely, and touched her arm and said "Hey, what's up? I need to talk to you. Come here."

She followed me right away from those guys. Blew them right out. When we were clear I said. "I just came and got you because it looked like those guys were bothering you."

HB5: Thank you! They were!

Woot. Saved by Wolverine.

I headed upstairs. I noticed a pair of girls at a table, across from two guys. They were HB8s. One of them gave me some substantial eye contact, and I went in. First time I've actually obeyed the 3 second rule.

Me: "What's up?"(I know, I definitely some more openers.)

Her: "Having an awkward situation." She nodded toward her friend and the two guys. Up close I realized they were the two biggest dorks I had seen all night. That's not to be mean, they just were. Looked like guys who REALLY need to visit this forum.

The two HBs immediately oriented towards me, and excused themselves from the dudes.

Here's where I messed up. It wasn't as loud here. I should have addressed the friend. I didn't. I kept going for the target, using the exact same lines I had used on every girl that night, so they were really starting to sound lame.

The friend was leading her away, because she wasn't engaged, and the target basically tried to answer me as quickly as possible and leave with her. I rescued them from the chodes, but I didn't manage to give them a good enough reason to stick around.

After that I hit the street again, looking for a promising venue. As I walked down the street, I noticed a woman watching me. She looked a little bit weathered, but still very beautiful. She was with a man, but because she was staring right at me, I turned around and went back to her. This time, I opened her and the man, who didn't seem to be in a relationship.

The dude was a street performer, and he asked me if I played guitar. When I said yes, he offered to let me play his. I was taken by surprise, so I said "Yeah, okay."

I played guitar for a few minutes while the street performer took a break. The woman sat down next to me and watched me play, and we talked for a while.

After a while, I handed the guitar back to the dude, and kept talking to the woman. I used my same lame lines of asking what she did and so forth. She said she was a former stripper, and asked me if I wanted to come back to her place.

I said yes. I was kind of surprised by the whole thing. But after we talked more, I asked her what she was doing 'now'.

That's when I figured out she was a hooker. Oops. I told her I didn't have any money and I split. I'm not getting into the game to pay for sex.

That was my last significant encounter of the night. I didn't get a kiss or number close, but I definitely got some great experience, and I realized, more than anything "This is doable."

Those situations you read about in The Game and see in various gurus videos and things- they can really happen. With more expertise I know I could have gotten bigger results just from the sets I entered. Plus it got me approaching two, three, and four sets before the night was out. With some momentum, it's not so hard.