I have been having fairly good results since last week, I only approach HB7.5 and up, I am more confident in my looks and my game is becoming more solid. But what happened this Sunday night is a new tool to use.
Note: While it was happening I was not thinking on sleeping with this girl AT ALL.

Before going out for some drinks my PUA friends came to my apartment and brought a beautiful girl that was a co worker of one of them, she was beautiful and sweet; my PUA friends had a pact that no one was gonna game this girl, but they did not brief me on it as they know my PUA skills are weak.

All of us were hanging out in the kitchen but the girl was not paying attention to me; I know that situation very well, every single comment that I did was not sticking at all, in other words, I was not contributing to the good times. So as I knew that I was not gonna get this girl I shut up and relaxed. I learned that she had a boyfriend, that the guy started working for Apple as an engineer, that he was a cool geek and that he had just came from Thailand and he promised her that he had not cheated on her on the trip which included Ping Pong shows (google it). I have been in Thailand but I didnt say anything. As we were walking to the bars I started talking to this girl and I told her that I was broke, that I had not been working since October and that I was hooked on drugs for a while... She was kind of interested on the situation and she told me that she had done drugs before that she likes to party but her boyfriend did not know and she was not gonna tell him about it because she knew it could be a total deal breaker for him. So she asked me what I have been doing since October and I told her a little story (which is true but it happened 2 years ago, I just threw it in there instead of saying that I am a lazy ass). The story goes like this:

I just got to Paris to study french and I arrived 2 hours earlier at the place where I will be staying at; a Swedish girl who was moving out and who I was getting the apartment from was packing everything and I helped her to finish quicker. Same day at 6pm we were on an airplane together on our way to Dubai, we spent 6 months in Africa and then we went to Southeast Asia where we separated because she had to go back to meet her husband who is an Oil executive in Malaysia.

She asked me a couple of questions about it and that was it and as we went to a couple of bars we stopped talking, more loud people were joining the group and I saw my PUA friend trying to game her, he was doing great and I decided to leave and I came back home.

At 3am my PUA friends showed up at my place with 5 girls including the HB8 and another guy. My quiet place became the after party, the sound of girls laughing was intoxicating my head, I relaxed, sat on the coach and waited for the whole scene to unfold as the girls outnumbered the guys. We were up until 6am; my place was trashed and I woke up at 11am with the HB8 in my bed.

Later on in the afternoon, we had our PUA meeting to analyze what had happened; until that moment I thought that I managed to sleep with the HB8 because I was the most collected one at 3am but my PUA friend (the one gaming her) told me that as soon as I left the bar she started asking them about me and for them it was clear that she was attracted to me.

Here is what I think happened: The story to cover up my laziness did a lot of things for me: it said to her that girls that are on a committed relation chose to hang around with me; it says that if an oil executive's wife decides to spent time with me, I can offer much more than an Apple engineer as she proudly spoke of him when we initially met.

More than sleeping with this beautiful girl, I got this lesson from last night: listen to every single f0cking word they say, it doesnt matter how annoying they are to you; also that this game can be played using different techniques; it cant get any easier than that.

I became her number 6 and for me she became the girl that matured my game.