On a Thursday night Barney's Pasadena was mostly empty. I noted a table of 3set HB7s during entry. Passed right next to them w/o eye contact intentionally. About 45mins later, my wing, Fastidious, & I stood next to them intentionally but with my back turned. Suddenly my target asked for a picture of her with friends (ioi?). My wing followed & we made light comments about their smores dessert then bailed just as an older douche started complimenting them in terrible AFC game.

We talked nearby for a few minutes. Then Fast's exit to the bathroom & my opener worked flawlessly.
"Hi, my friend is getting drinks so I just have a minute. He met a girl last weekend and she won't stop rapid-fire texting him."
(They all repeated the phrase & laughed)
"He really liked her before but now he's unsure. Is she crazy?"

The girls launched into busy conversation with funny questions and advice. When Fast returned, they all giggled & acted like they knew his secret but he was super charming & confident. I kept setting time constraints & these Christian college girls kept drawing us in. Then my target sh1t-tested me.
"You're from Texas; where's your accent? Do you line dance?" Etc. I made some remarks then realized I was qualifying myself & changed the subject. We left as soon as they engaged in girl talk together. Near perfect for a couple 1 month old aspiring PUAs. But we did not get numbers :-/

The rest of Thursday was blown. I have no idea how to dhv to Latinas in miniskirts.

I want to improve:
1) How to choose the target in a 3-4 set where 2 might be interesting because once I choose, I can ignore & neg target. We also need a better gauge of which one our wing is after. Listen for wing's negs? Thoughts?

2) Practice isolating her from the group. For example, when they asked if I could line dance, I should have pulled her out of the bench to dance instead of talking about my boots (AFC qualifying). Fast could have slid next to his (setting a time constraint) to DHV some dumb test where you need to be close to touch or talk.

3) Never answer sh1t tests genuinely because you end up qualifying. They were from NorCal. I should have said: "Do you like to meet stereotypes? You're from NorCal so you must smoke tons of pot & you're part of Occupy Oakland, right?"