Okay, Ive been working on my Natural game and its been pure gold. K I work at the mall, perfect place to perfect day game. Im walking to work and i see a girl outside of urban outfitters. 5 feet 7 inches, slender, tan and brilliantly white teeth. I walk by take one look at her dress and say, "I wasnt aware you girls were allowed to where aprons to work." and i keep on like im going to continue walking.
Then she says its not an apron its a dress. I smile and half turn towards her.
"You girls are all into this 70s theme clothing now adays."
"Ya, its coming back."
I see shes wearing those super big glasses and i know alot of girls like to hide hideous eyes underneath those things, so i walk up to her and pull them off.
"Okay, nice. I know a lot of girls try to hide their eyes under these things."
She smiles.
"You have nice teeth."
Then she pulls out a pack of cigaretts.
"But you smoke like a chimney."
She asks me for my name and where i work, I tell her. I start teasing a little bit about my job and how she should avoid store like the plague. Then i say i have to go and i leave.
Im really not into smokers so the second she pulled those puppies out i was done with her, but none the less this was great practice. Sorry if this seems short and rushed. Alot of the details about the interaction have been forgotten after a long day at work.