The first bar I go to is a more upscale, older crowd kinda place. People with some cash, but theres no cover so i'm like fuck it, im going for it. I open two sets, both are milf sets. I open with who is dating easier for. Both sets say men have it easier. I go into a story of why I feel women have it easier. The first set now I'm constantly taking little steps instead of a verbal ftc. Not many IOIs but one or two. Couldnt get her friend in the conversation, whatever, its only a matter of time till failure. Next I talk about inception, this gets the friend involved alittle bit. I ask them if they could control their dreams what would they be. The target says 'good times, no stress'. The friend has never seen the move and I make fun of her for it. I bring in the five question game. The target than asks who I came with tonight? I reply with "after a long day I needed a night out for myself. Shes impressed saying that it takes a lot to do that. We continue with the game. The friend trys to play also but tells the truth not knowingly. So now I add a stipulation which I shouldn't have done. They win, I show something cool, they lose they spin me like in a dance. So she asks for ID. I say ok forget you guys and step away, jokingly of course. They get into a coversation about wine and turn to the table, I know Im out.
Second set, same opener and the five question game. During the opener she crosses her arms, IOD, so I cross mine as well to imitate and IOD also. Next she takes a step toward me but keeps her arms crossed with a smile on her face. So I take a slight step back. I think she took it as a dlv and not an IOD. And I probly should have not even taken that step. Our toes at pointed right at each other and our bodies are facing each other. We are, like only a few inches apart. Second question is what is on the TV. She says a slut filled orgy. SOI?? Then she asks my age I say 17(another mistake, shouldve said guess) and ask her the color of her dress. She responds with 'first answer my question than Ill answer yours'. I tell her thats not how the game works. Turn away at 45 degrees. Trying to get this ones friend involved but the friend is going through a divorce. Tryed to say something to cheer her up but got no response. Dont remember to much afterward but ended in a fail.
So I drive to another bar that i've been to before. Go in and its not to crowded. I approach this one girl sitting alone, quite the cutie. She says that dating is easier for women. I ftc to go dancing in a bit. I say ‘finally someone who agrees with me! Everyone thinks that guys have it easier for some reason’. I bring up inception and ask her the question that I asked the milfs. She said she doesn’t know, didn’t watch the full movie. Somewhere here I put my arm across her back. So I go with the five questions again. After the second question shes asks how old I am. I say to guess, which she answers with a close number. I ask her back and she says that shes 27. I ask who she is with, she tells me that shes with friends but they’re outside.(basically they dragged her along). She asks what do I do, I tell her im a model for calvin klein. After a brief look I give this cheesy smile like I couldnt hold it in any longer. Do kino across her back again. Shes brushing her hair back alot so I lock in and sit at the table with her. We talk about work and I tell her my real job and what Im looking to do, blah blah. Pull out the finger lock with a coin, make fun of her for brushing her hair again and not setting her hands up, continue and explain how it works. She then leaves to go find her friends and I hit the dance floor. A couple of minutes later I see her trying to dance. After I decide to wak around a bit and shes at the same table I found her in. So I say that shes not much of a dancer and she says that she just likes to watch. I tried to show her a few mpoves to help out but she didnt want to. I can tell that nothing else is really going to happen so I decide to leave. I ask if theres any way to continue this since shes a cool girl. She says that her friends are over at the bar which is right by the table. I look around like ‘damn’. As I say goodbye and step to leave she tells me that she’ll give me her number but as a friend (possibly because her friends are right by us). I give her my phone, after shee gives her info I say bye using her name and shes asks for mine. I tell her and we shake hands. Done.