So I was writing my field report before and I guess the forum times out and logs me off because when I hit "Submit New Thread" I was logged off and the back button did nothing. So I have to remember to COPY my thread before I send it. So I am going to try and paraphrase my first message because it took me about 25 minutes to type and narrate.

I am 25 year old caucasian who actually still lives at home with parents on Long Island. I'm about 1/2 through The Game- Strauss and I have always wanted to overcome aa and this book along with the iPhone app "PUA GURU" and this forum, I am morphing into a PUA machine. I am a beginner absolutely but my confidence is through the roof now because Weds night 6/6/12 I had my first successful N-close with a 31 y/o HB8 Brazilian woman here on vacation from Brazil. Here's how it went.

My friend Dirk and I are single men. He is my Wing and vice versa. He's 31 and we are co workers. Both good looking guys but we have been burned by chicks so we are out playing the field and slowly entering the glorious world of PUA together. So every Weds night we go out sarging together. Dirk is good and has no shame or fear but his material is weak and loses the girls quick. I would say I suffer more from AA but can hold conversations longer. So Dirk was dancing with these two chicks. He looks at me gives me the "Lets get these chicks man" So they head to the bar and I stand back and wait for them to order their drinks because I don't want to open before they order...I'm not paying for their alcohol! haha Dirk had gotten stopped by a girl he was salsa dancing with so I casually followed the two to the bar (they had no idea Dirk and I were friends). This was the lay out at the end of the bar. D is Dirk, ME, T is Target and F is her friend. The target is about 5'4" and her Friend is about 6'1"


(Dirk) (ME) (Target-with back to me) (The Friend- facing me)

I had my arms on the bar but out of my peripherals I noticed that F was heading back to the dance floor when I mustered up the balls to open the Target.

I slid next to the target with my chest to her right arm and tapped her on her shoulder just before her friend turned to leave so that F wouldn't turn around, not see her friend and come running back and rescue her. I said "Hey I see you're heading back to the dance floor but do you mind if I ask you a quick question?" She looked at me hesitantly but said "OK...?" So I said "Do you think it's ok to have pictures of an ex?" "The reason I'm asking is because my friend Mark had been dating his gf for 7 months and he broke up with his ex over 3 years ago but still has you think that's ok?" BOOM! She ate it up and replied with "He should follow his heart" So I validate and clarify the woman. I feel this is important because it makes her think you're really interested in what she has to say and that your paying attention. I said "So you think he should break up with his gf and go back to his ex?" She look stumped and elaborated. Needless to say we talked on and on about relationships for about 20-25 mins. I added kino (hand on her lap, hand on her back...she smelled BEAUTIFUL by the way). I then shifted the conversation to her and asked " Has anything like that every happened to you?" She laughed and said "YEAH! All the time!" I played the shocked, "i can't believe that!" role and it turned out she was a 31 year old HB8 here in NYC from Brazil on a 7 day vacation. Today was day number 1. She was divorced because she cheated on her husband and told him.

(Side Note- Dirk and I had made a deal that we each needed to get two N-closes that night. So at the very least and N-close was my goal with this target)

I probably could've phase shifted into something more seductive but I was just amazed that I was actually having a conversation with a complete foreigner (in every sense of the word). I was still in shock and amazed that this was really working.

F had stopped in a few times to check on her friend and I even engaged her in the conversation to show her I'm not a d1ck. She left and came back a few times but she wasn't a cockblock which was good. So after about 25 mins of talking and flirting her friend motioned to the target that they were leaving. So I said "Real quick, do you mind if I get your number. I'd really like to continue this conversation at some point" She said "But I live in Brazil" I looked deep into her eyes and with a seductive look I said "What does that matter?" She paused and said..."Sure" I had just got my first N close with a 31 year old Brazilian woman name Estelle here on vacation.

The number is in a strange format so I need to find out how to call it or whatever. I had a few more openings at another bar Dirk and I went to after the Brazilian left with no intentions of closing...just practicing my game and still amazed that I got the number.

All in all I won that night. Jet- +1 ... Dirk- 0

He was amazed that I was working the game!

After that I was on fire...i approached 4 other girls that night...ill explain in another FR at another time but yea it was so much fun!

So yea any questions, comments concerns PLEASE reply!!! Anything I could've done better??