I may have crossed over. This night ended with me feeling like a superhero. I didn't want to close any girls but I engaged 2 alphas, physically much bigger than I, & successfully reframed their worlds into mine & I winged a complete stranger into sets that ended in a couple number closes.

My wing (Fastidious) & I have only been reading & testing for 1 month. Our 3rd guy was a Mexican coworker, Saul, with high confidence. As soon as we entered the 1st bar, Fast & I reminded each other not to focus on HBs or scope the room.
"Remember, she doesn't exist."
"I don't know who you're talking about."

I thought we were ready but I suddenly started thinking too much about proving myself in front of a coworker & all kinds of AFC garbage. We hopped from the first bar to the street. I was still feeling apprehensive as we passed a loud cabana-themed dance place. Screw it. Confront my fear. I hate dance heavy places. "Let's try this stupid place!" I laughed.

My buddies were held up at the door but I ordered a drink next to a black guy with bad ass dreads & killer confidence. It was his birthday so I congratulated him. This would turn out to be an important interaction of the night.

When I found my boys, Saul was deep in a confidence game but something was wrong. He would touch passing girls & then pretend to dance with them. At first, Fast thought he was a natural so I tested him.

"See that (Latin) blonde buried in a group of friends? I want you to dance behind her guy until she makes eye contact. Then smile. If she blushes, take her wrist & lead her to the dance floor."

At was a tall order. There were probably 10 Latin guys & girls together mingling & dancing. Saul already said he didn't like to date his own culture but he had bragged earlier about his salsa dancing chops. He said he needed another shot first but actually crumbled under the pressure & never approached. So I entered the set.

But first, Fast & I both messed up our hair to phase-shift the stupid club & the stupid night. I have no idea what mine looked like after I tried a crude faux-hawk. Fast gave it a discerning glance, "Just push it up a little in the front." His looked like a 50s Rock bouffant. Nothing matters. Move in.

I used an opener about a guy friend who is getting too many texts from a girl he only sees as friend. This is a real story. I don't use canned lies as openers. Then I asked a few questions about their Spanish accents & the girls were polite but not interested. In hindsight, I stayed in the Latina set way too long without IOIs. I'm not in this game to force disinterested girls into conversation. That's Alpha AFC game.

The Colombian HB8 closest to me starred at someone on the dance floor & beckoned him with the "come to me" finger. I looked over at her macho Latin BF with his ridiculous tight shirt and realized I had lost. In a millisecond, I asked myself: what would make me proud to see a PUA do now?

With no plan of attack, I immediately approached him extending my hand. He shook his head 'no' with a stone face & greasy hair but I wasn't going to let him control the frame. I felt a surge of ridiculous testosterone because I knew my boys were watching.

"You should go see your girl." I smiled.
He finally shifted his beer & shook my hand limply. "I don't understand English," He said in cocky, perfect English. (Side note, I'm from Texas. This is an insulting shit-test I'm familiar with)
"That's very convenient," I laughed.
He shook his head smiling, "No no, I don't understand."
Then I forced him into accepting her as a trophy from me. "What are you doing over here? Go see your girl. She needs you to save her." I said, pointing toward myself.
"No no, it's ok. You can go talk to her," he said in perfect English, avoiding eye contact. "Go ahead."
"Really? Ok," I laughed, sauntered back to her while looking at him then at her.

She was so uncomfortable & everyone in their huge group of Latin friends were taking notice. But I had no intention of rewarding this HB8 with my attention after her blatant shut down. This was now about amoging for my 1st time ever. This guy could kick my ass in a second. He could chest bump me off balance, I'm sure. I have no idea why my confidence was skyrocketing. I thank you guys.

I let the couple exchange awkward glances as I hovered right next to her perched on a high bench.
"What are you doing?" I yelled over the music. "Get over here!"

He danced for a few seconds more then CAVED IN & his shoulders slumped while shuffling toward us, trying to keep composure with his chin up.
"Congratulations , she's all yours!" I said waking past him as he avoided eye contact.

My wing, Fast, was literally mouth-breathing when I returned. "What the fuck just happened?!"

The latin couple embraced and made out in front of everyone. And tonight while they are having amazingly passionate, jealous-sex, she will feel like he had to win her back from me. She deserves to be treated like a prize. And he deserves to be treated like a warrior. See: Making the world a better place, one AMOG destroyer at a time.

Now I was on fire. Time to try something completely different. I'm going to get the birthday boy laid. Wing a stranger sometime. It's hilarious & they will want you everywhere with them. They might even be bisexual & make a pass at your Wing. Oops. Sorry, Fast.

Anyway, I made it my mission to tell every HB in the bar it was (the stranger's) birthday. Along the way, he N-closed at least 2 girls & I stumbled into a British 3 set with 2 HB7s & muscly AMOG. I started an opener from my night, "OMG, I need advice from strangers right now-" then I was blatantly cut off by my target girl (over my shoulder).
"Is it about your shirt? Because I hate-" I cut her off hardcore.
"Stop talking" I delivered like a teacher then went back to my opener with out hesitating. Her friends laughed really loud and made funny faces at each-other. Maybe my target needed negs.
"So there's a guy here celebrating a birthday and he's fun to hang out with but I just found out he's bi!" They laughed awkwardly. "Should I still hang out with him?" I addressed the AMOG. I don't remember their answers because the British accent was incredibly strong so I switched gears & started to neg. "Are you from Australia?"

Side note: if I hear proper English, I always ask if they are Aussie. Brits hate it. Hilarious. Once I know their country of origin, I ask if they are from Oxford, Liverpool, South London, or any city I can think of. It demonstrates understanding of geography and it implies that I am aware of class / demographics. Even if I'm way off, it gets them laughing.

When another Brit AMOG entered the group he towered over me & did not introduce himself so I said "You're from Liverpool right?" All the Brits burst out in laughter. The tall guy hung his head as the muscly Brit pointed at him laughing & punched his shoulder. Then the tall Brit walked away!

Best line of the night came from the muscle bound Brit AMOG: "You don't know it, but you've totally insulted my mate! Excellent banter, man"

I'm not the type to usually do any of this. In fact, I used to avoid bigger guys or any girls near men in general. I recently went on a 2nd date & was excited to see a huge guy talking to my lady when I returned from the bathroom. I approached him directly & said, "What's up," then immediately put my back to him and kinoed my lady. He tried qualifying himself, "We were just talking about this painting..." But walked away because we ignored him & started kissing. It rocked!