Went on a date last night, with the cougar girl I met online a couple weeks ago. Never have done this before, so I felt a little weird going into it, but not bad so I just kicked myself and treated it like a common thing.
Just in case, this is mostly continued from my previous thread on picking her up:

We found a sports bar inbetween her work and my house, for a middle-ground

I said I was taking the train but missed it and took a cab- she sounded nervous to go into the bar alone so I just joked with her on the phone about something, then happened to see her right when I got out tha ride. Walked up said hey! Gave her an AMOG hug with one arm to the side, then showed her into the place. Sat down, talked about work, our inside jokes, school, blah blah. Turns out we have a fair amount in common. Anyways we agreed it was too damn loud inside with the band, so I found us a table on the patio rather quick, she seemed impressed by that somehow (dhv), and I was like ya well get up let's go lol.

Hung out at this place like 3 hours total, then I took action and made a bounce to a nearby bar, which I know has mini-bowling for entertainment. Told her to leave her car at the first bar (leader type of choice), then we walked over (a little farther than I thought, like 6-7 blocks with her wearing heals ha) and hung out to play some mini-bowling.

Played one mini-bowl game, then sat down to chat a little more. She likes to talk about her dog and her little fix on jewelry sometimes.. but not like stuck up, she has some cool earthy kinda stuff- and I found that to be a sticking point for the 'ring test'. Big-ups to Xavier, to whom I thank for posting that on here! I teased and goofed a lot to keep her attention on text, but to show some different knowledge there like that felt pretty cool, and she enjoyed the whole bit- I had been waiting to give that the whole shpeel (tried it once) with the rings, and luckily got through the whole thing pretty smooth, her eyes she liked it

A bit of kino throughout the night, especially with the ring test, and I lead her back to her car with some more. She agreed to drop me off at the train station (ha whatever) and kiss-closed her before I got out. It was a tad weak for a k-close, but I blame logistics. She had to park on the side of the road mostly, so I didn't wanna take my time getting out to make my move first, so just went in for a little.. then said thanks for the ride! 'Text me when u get home or something.'

We spoke a little last night after getting home, and that's about it now. She's a pretty down to earth girl, looks really hot and mature, and I def got a lot of looks being with her, so I'm gonna sit on that. I have some slight AFC urges to text her stupid sh1t right now, so I'm not going to ha. Might send a little message tonight, but play it cool for a few days mostly, and find out what my next move might be.

Happy weekend fellas!