I just got off a 12-night cruise from Australia to the pacific islands (Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu) and had a few encounters that i thought i might share!

One of the hardest things i had to work around was my younger brother (who i was in charge of looking after almost 24/7). This prevented me from spending much time in the night club unless it was really late at night (after he went to bed). And during the days i was pretty much stuck with him!

I laid a total of 4 girls throughout the cruise and hooked up with a lot more. There were two more that i would have boned but they were on their periods but i got BJ's from them anyways.
(I wanna know why girls would go on a cruise in the first place on their periods )

What i found from this cruise was that a lot of the conventional PUA "rules" don't seem to apply. A majority of the girls are not hard to get in the sack (they basically threw themselves at me).

A number of girls on the cruise was basically DTF which helped on my behalf! It'd be a great place for a new and aspiring PUA to start off as i didn't really run into any girls who were too much of a mission to get!

There's one girl (Who i called "Purps" the whole cruise, due to her choice of bright purple clothing the first night) who turns out to live about 25km from where i do. I've banged her twice since the cruise (which was only 3 days ago) and it looks like she's a pretty solid booty call from now on

Who else has been on a cruise liner and picked up successfully? Share your stories!