Synopsis: I got a kiss close, but I think I should have moved the party for a f-close. Secondly, I had a friend whos girl not only told me she wanted to fark me, but in front of my friend asked me a few times to take off my clothes.

So last night, I went to a bar with a few friends. Got there around 11:30 with 1 girl I knew but wasn't into, and her 2 guy friends, one of which she's hooking up with.

I get a text from HB7b asking if i'm at the bar yet, because she plans on going to the pool for a late night swim with some people. I told her yes, and I threw in that I was wearing "my sexy shorts" so I was ready to go whenever (really I was just kidding) she sends me "can't wait "

I then get a Text from HB7a asking if i'm still there. same answer, but she doesn't say anything about the pool.

More of our mutual friends, co-workers, blah blah show up, we get drinks.
So HB7b comes and constantly tries to sit next to me as I move around., however, one of our buddy's shows up, and he's been trying to hook up with her for like 4 days now. Bro code enacts, so I try to lay off. I start to talk to the other girls there, and start to focus on HB7a by sharing a cig.

HB7a, started to show alot of ioi's and some Kino, touching my arms and chest, so I decided it was time to escalate a bit and turn the convo sexual. Pulled HB7a in close to where our bodies were touching and whispered in her ear "By the end of the night, we're going to make out"
Response: "Okay"

I let go , finished up my tab and I pass by HB7b and she looks at me and says verbatim "I want to fark you". My Response: "respect" (this is where I'm not sure if I said the right things to maybe f-close in the future, but keep in mind this is the girl my friend's hitting on)

HB7a+b, friend ,5th wheel who was riding with my buddy, and I all journey to the pool. Took me a second to find it, had HB7a walk outside to from HB7b's loft to find me, we talked for a bit, before going in.

As we get to the pool, HB7b says that there's a hot tub on the other side of the complex and we should skinny dip. me and HB7a volunteer to see if it's on and working. walk down there, talk for a bit, pull her hand a kiss her for about 3 seconds, tease her and tell her "that's all you get for now" , hot tub isn't on so we go back. We get back and they're already in the pool. HB7b goes "yayy, I get to see your sexy shorts!" I take off my clothes and strip down to my underwear, and hop in the pool.
. HB7b walks to the hot tub with my buddy because she knows it over there leaving us 3. we continue making out a bit int he pool. at this point, HB7b hasn't seen me fooling around with HB7a.

We start to talk about some random jargon, and start to walk off in the direction of HB7b's apartment, leaving 5th wheel behind (by this point he knows exactly whats going on)

Get to the car, and start to intensely make out, grabbing what not. She stops for a sec and LMR's a bit by asking "You're not doing all this just because you're drunk, are you?" Now this is where I feel (in retrospect) I lost focus because I had gotten my Kiss close. I responded with "I wanted to do this, so I did". Happy face, continue to make out. We stop, she gets in her car and goes home, I drive to the pool to pick up 5th wheel and take him back to my buddy's place (they're roommates).

HB7b and friend call us to find out where we were, and came back to the his apt. we smoke, and we talk about the pool all sitting in a semi circle of a living room. I'm across from HB7b and my budd. 5th wheels in the middle.

(SO CONFUSED HERE) HB7b brings up how she wishes we would have skinny dipped because that would been cool. then she says something about my "Sexy shorts" and says "you should take off your pants again". at first I thought she was joking and laughed, but then she goes " No, take them off, I liked your sexy shorts"

probably the longest, most awkward 4 seconds of my life. with no Idea what to do or say, I just laugh and tell her no. I think at this point she kinda realizes she's not getting me. we all talk for a bit more and my friend stands up to try to lead her to his room. She goes in and out of his room, at one point sits next to me, all while my friend is standing by his door sending the body language signal for "lets go to bed" She concedes and retreats to the bedroom.

I felt like if I had given HB7a the line "Lets get out of here" I could have went back to either mine or her place and F-closed that night. But idk what the deal is with HB7b. I'm trying to go back over what happened, and figure her out but idk. Maybe she was kidding and I'm too concieted. Maybe I was her first choice till my friend showed up at the bar. Idk, but i'd like a few more opinions.

What do you guys think?