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    Default So A Pua, a Rapper and a Pro Skater Walk Into A Bar

    Anyways I was at the mall doing my sales job when two guys walk up to me and ask about my product. I joke with them and stuff and eventually we get into a convo. about a hot chick he saw that worked in the victoria secret. I asked him who the girl was, to see if i knew her. I didnt, and his friend didnt want to wing him so I went in with him and told him I'd pretend my G.F. needed some clothes. And from that point it was his job to get into a conversation with the girl. It failed, he had a hard time saying anything and I did my best to pump the conversation but she didnt bite.
    He told me hes so used to his manager getting girls for him he didnt know what to do. I asked him why he had a manager and he told he was a rapper and was on tour with his friend(proskater). Even thoa i didnt get the girl for him they claimed that I must be a Master at getting girls and asked me to party with them. I agreed, seeing it as a challenge to be conquered. Never been much of a partier in the past. Probably for the same reasons I became appart of the community.
    Long story short had a hellav a lot of fun. Went to 3 consecutive parties and got some numbers.
    I never thought I would like the party life so much, but to be honest I might start developing my life around it. If being a pickup artist is first getting to where there are a lot of beautiful women then this might be my next step in improving my abilities.
    What do you guys think and if there are any pointers into getting myself deeper into the scene, that would be greatly apreciated. I know that Mystery finds himselfs in parties quite often.
    Maybe some sort of material that could get me more emersed in it.
    I think I might just chameleon my way into it.
    "I've never seen anyone pull as quickly or as efficiently as you"
    -HarryRat(Simplepicku p)

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    Default Re: So A Pua, a Rapper and a Pro Skater Walk Into A Bar

    Ever heard of Project Entourage?
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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    Default Re: So A Pua, a Rapper and a Pro Skater Walk Into A Bar

    yea man definetly, when you go out at night which is the party life, you work on your night game which is totally different than day game and i find is harder for me than night game, it just depends on which is easier and its great to work on both because they are 2 totally different environments.

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